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Question 1451. He reached an agreement with the union through negotiations and thus was able to _____ a possible strike.(A) prevent(B) avert(C) deflect(D) oppose(E) confront(F) revert
  1.    D and E
  2.    A and B
  3.    A and C
  4.    C and F
  5.    E and F
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Answer: Option B. -> A and B

He reached an agreement or compromise through 'negotiations' and he was able to 'prevent' or 'avert' a strike.

Question 1452. Communities should be self-reliant but this self-reliance does not mean _____ because the need to trade results in the interdependence of communities.(A) secrecy(B) isolation(C) lankiness(D) barrenness(E) seclusion(F) solitude
  1.    A and C
  2.    B and E
  3.    D and F
  4.    C and E
  5.    A and B
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Answer: Option B. -> B and E

Self-reliance does not mean 'separation'. 'Segregation' is done on racial, religious or sexual grounds. Here we are talking about trade and economy. 'segregation' and 'with drawl' are inappropriate. Trade between communities need interdependence. Hence 'isolation' (to be alone or to be cut off) or 'seclusion' (keeping away from other people) are apt.

Question 1453. Most adults think that children who have behavioural problems can be disciplined with _____ punishment.(A) corporal(B) physical(C) corporeal(D) verbal(E) psychological(F) mild
  1.    B and E
  2.    D and F
  3.    A and C
  4.    A and B
  5.    B and E
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Answer: Option D. -> A and B

Punishment given children is usually in the form of physical (corporal) punishment.

Question 1454. Human nature is full of contradictions: there is so much pose in the sincere, baseness in the noble and goodness in the _____.(A) reprobate(B) incorrigible(C) primitive(D) superficial(E) unoriginal(F) Inactive
  1.    A and B
  2.    B and C
  3.    C and D
  4.    D and E
  5.    E and F
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Answer: Option A. -> A and B

The blank needs a word that contradicts goodness. Something that is opposite in meaning to the word 'goodness' can be 'reprobate' and 'incorrigible'. The rest do not contradict the word 'goodness'.

Question 1455. The desire for _____ is one of the most deeply related instincts of a civilized man.(A) revilement(B) euphoria(C) euphony(D) approval(E) approbation(F) umbrage
  1.    A and F
  2.    B and E
  3.    D and E
  4.    C and D
  5.    B and C
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Answer: Option C. -> D and E

The desire for 'approbation', 'praise' or 'approval' is a deep-rooted instinct in any civilized man.

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