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Question 1. Compounds form when _______________
  1.    atoms of one element bond together
  2.    atoms of two or more elements bond together
  3.    molecules of one element are mixed together
  4.    molecules of two or more elements are mixed together
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Answer: Option B. -> atoms of two or more elements bond together
Question 2. Soap is a weak base
  1.    they taste sour
  2.    they taste sweet
  3.    they taste bitter
  4.    they taste salty
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Answer: Option C. -> they taste bitter
Question 3. Which of these solutions is an acid?
  1.    Dish Soap: pH of 12
  2.    Tomato Soup: pH of 4
  3.    Baking Soda: pH of 9
  4.    Drain Cleaner: pH of 14
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Answer: Option B. -> Tomato Soup: pH of 4
Question 4. Explain what happens when a strong acid and a strong base are poured into the same container
  1.    they form separate layers
  2.    they mix physically but not chemically
  3.    they break apart into separate elements
  4.    they react chemically to form a salt
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Answer: Option D. -> they react chemically to form a salt
Question 5. Ammonia has a pH of 12
  1.    an acid
  2.    a base
  3.    an element
  4.    a metal
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Answer: Option B. -> a base
Question 6. Which of the following is a basic solution?
  1.    household ammonia
  2.    HCl dissolved in water
  3.    Vinegar
  4.    Pure water
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Answer: Option A. -> household ammonia
Question 7. A substance is found to have the following characteristics:Very bitter taste Feels slippery to the touch Produces OH- ions when dissolved in water In what category would the substance be classified?
  1.    acid
  2.    base
  3.    enzyme
  4.    fatty acid
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Answer: Option B. -> base
Question 8. What completely ionizes in solution?
  1.    Weak acids
  2.    Strong acids
  3.    Strong Salts
  4.    Neutral salts
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Answer: Option B. -> Strong acids
Question 9. Phenolophalein turns from clear to pink when the pH turns
  1.    acidic
  2.    basic
  3.    saline
  4.    ionic
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Answer: Option B. -> basic
Question 10. Which of these pH values represent an acid?
  1.    4
  2.    8
  3.    10
  4.    12
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Answer: Option A. -> 4

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