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Question: Under which Delhi Sultan's rule, was the Kharaj in the form of a proper land tax levied over large parts of northern India?
A.Firoz Shah Tughluq
B.Alaudin Khilji
C.Qutbuddin Aibak
D.Mahmood Shah
Answer: Option B

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Question 1. The emergence of two independent state in the south namely the Vijaynagar (A. D. 1336) and Bahamani (A. D. 1347) took place during the reign of:
  1.    Firoz Shah Tughluq
  2.    Qutbuddin Aibak
  3.    Muhammad Bin Tughlaq
  4.    Alauddin Khilji
Answer: Option C
Question 2. The Satnami sect in India was founded in:
  1.    The year 1457
  2.    The year 1600
  3.    The year 1557
  4.    The year 1657
Answer: Option D
Question 3. Which Sikh Guru constituted Khalsa and introduced a new baptism ceremony requiring every Sikh to observe the five K's "Kesh , Kirpan, Kachha, Kanghi and Kara"?
  1.    Guru Govind Singh
  2.    Guru Hari Krishan
  3.    Guru Amar Das
  4.    Guru Tegbhadur
Answer: Option A
Question 4. The most important Bahamani ruler was:
  1.    Firoz Shah Bahamani
  2.    Mujahid Shah Bahmani
  3.    Dawood Shah Bahmani
  4.    Mahmood Shah Bahmani I
Answer: Option A
Question 5. The author of the famous play Mrichchakatika (मृच्छकटिकम्) considered one of the best plays of ancient India is:
  1.    Samsthanaka
  2.    Charudatta
  3.    Vasantasena
  4.    Sudraka
Answer: Option D
Question 6. Mahabhasya has been written by:
  1.    Pāṇini
  2.    Patanjali
  3.    Kātyayana
  4.    None of these
Answer: Option B

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