Exam : SAIL JO E-0
Test Name : Review Test
Chapters : (BSP Plant Specific)

Total Questions : 50

Review Test

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  2. ICA
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  5. Bhilai Steel Plant
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  7. Rourkela Steel Plant
  8. Bokaro Steel Plant
  9. ISP
  10. CMO

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Questions Preview :

Ques 1. Coke ovens are mainly constructed of the Following :
Ques 2. Online submission of offers by BSP’s authorized Vendors has
been facilitated through internet for reduction in offer submission
time. It helps in minimum documentation and is known as _____________
Ques 3. Bhilai Township spreads across an area of _______  acres along both north and
south Side of SEC Railway line
Ques 4. What is the Specific fuel consumption in Rail Welding Line ?
Ques 5. Capacity of Steel Melting Shop -III BOF Converters is _____________
Ques 6. The main Sections of SP-II includes :
Ques 7. ___________ is responsible To prepare coal blend suitable for
carbonization in Coke Ovens to produce BF coke
Ques 8. What is the production of SMS-III crude steel in year 2020-2021
Ques 9. Battery 11, was commissioned
on Date _________ ?
Ques 10. _____________  prescribes that every company having a net worth of Rs 500 cr or more, or
a turnover of Rs 1000 cr or more, or a net profit of rupees 5 cr or more during any
financial year shall constitute a CSR Committee


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