Exam : SAIL JO E-0
Test Name : Free Revision Test
Chapters : (GPOE / GPA Combined 1)

Total Questions : 100

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  1. Reasoning & DI
  2. ICA
  3. GFM
  4. GPOE / GPA
  5. Bhilai Steel Plant
  6. Durgapur Steel Plant
  7. Rourkela Steel Plant
  8. Bokaro Steel Plant
  9. ISP
  10. CMO

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Questions Preview :

Ques 1. Which coils are formed in spiral form and welded with filler material in SW pipe plant.
Ques 2. What is added in the form of water to the mixing cum nodulizing drum during the sintering process ?
Ques 3. What is used in blast furnace as a fuel and a reducing agent.
Ques 4. Rank of coal is determined by
Ques 5.
What are the benefits of proactive maintenance of equipment are :
Ques 6. In which zone of the blast furnace the thermal and chemical reactions take place
Ques 7. Spherical
Rollers bearings used for 
heavy-duty application are also designated as _________
Ques 8. Main objective of OHP is
Ques 9. Which Process is a technique where a metal strip or sheet is passed between two rollers and then squeezed and compressed.
Ques 10. Hydraulic actuators like Reineke & Askania with Microprocessor based system for ___________


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