Exam : SAIL JO E-0
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Chapters : (DSP Combined 1)

Total Questions : 50

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  1. Reasoning & DI
  2. ICA
  3. GFM
  4. GPOE / GPA
  5. Bhilai Steel Plant
  6. Durgapur Steel Plant
  7. Rourkela Steel Plant
  8. Bokaro Steel Plant
  9. ISP
  10. CMO

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Questions Preview :

Ques 1. From Blast Furnace, The cleaned gas is sent to units such as _______.
Ques 2. At Blast Furnace  , Screened Iron Ore lumps are
stacked on 4 beds in Lump Ore yard using ____________
Ques 3. The Coal Handling Plant’s aim is to supply coal of required ................................ to Service Bunkers for BF coke making.
Ques 4. In W & A Total Plant Capacity is ____ Tonnes / annum
Ques 5. Pig iron production began in RSP on  the Date
Ques 6. Coal Chemicals Plant has following sections:
Ques 7. At Merchant Mill
, reheating furnace is designed for an output of ____ TPH.
Ques 8. In 2nd phase modernization One dolomite plant ( NDP)  . _______________ for BOF steel making  is replacing the use of Raw
Ques 9. The MEDIUM STRUCTURAL MILL design makes the maximum use of automation and the progress of each bar is
monitored throughout the ____
Ques 10. At Merchant Mill, The reheating furnace is a _______  type arranged for side charging and


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