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Question 1. In the middle latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, surface winds tend to blow ____ and ____ around an area of surface low pressure.
  1.    Clockwise; inward
  2.    Clockwise; outward
  3.    Counterclockwise; inward
  4.    Counterclockwise; outward
Answer: Option C

Question 2. Largest reptile in the world
  1.    Dragon
  2.    Anaconda
  3.    Crocodile
  4.    Python
Answer: Option B

Question 3. A dim, "watery" sun visible through a gray sheet-like cloud layer is often a good indication of ____ clouds.
  1.    Stratocumulus
  2.    Cirrostratus
  3.    Cumulonimbus
  4.    Altostratus
  5.    Nimbostratus
Answer: Option D

Question 4. Endemic species are
  1.    rare species
  2.    species localised in a specific region
  3.    cosmopolitan in distribution
  4.    critically endangered species
Answer: Option B

Question 5. National Park associated with rhinoceros is
  1.    Kaziranga
  2.    Ranthambore
  3.    Corbett
  4.    Valley of flowers
Answer: Option A

Question 6. This is used as a guide to planting and for determining the approximate date for harvesting crops:
  1.    Growing degree-days
  2.    Heating degree-days
  3.    Cooling degree-days
  4.    Mean annual temperature
Answer: Option A