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Question 91. Determine the maximum flood discharge from a catchment area of 40.25 km² and it is situated in the Western Ghats.
  1.    350 cumecs
  2.    375 cumecs
  3.    400 cumecs
  4.    425 cumecs
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Answer: Option C. -> 400 cumecs
Answer: (c).400 cumecs
Question 92. __________ is provided for the easy movement of fish from upstream to downstream.
  1.    Fish ladder
  2.    Silt excluder
  3.    Marginal bunds
  4.    Marginal embankments
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Answer: Option A. -> Fish ladder
Answer: (a).Fish ladder
Question 93. Which of the following is known as “under sluices”?
  1.    Scouring Sluices
  2.    Divide wall
  3.    Fish ladder
  4.    Head Regulator
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Answer: Option A. -> Scouring Sluices
Answer: (a).Scouring Sluices
Question 94. __________ is used as measuring device.
  1.    Head regulator
  2.    Divide wall
  3.    Cross regulator
  4.    Scouring sluices
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Answer: Option A. -> Head regulator
Answer: (a).Head regulator
Question 95. __________ is provided to prevent the river from outflanking the work.
  1.    Guide banks
  2.    Marginal bunds
  3.    Silt excluder
  4.    Divide wall
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Answer: Option A. -> Guide banks
Answer: (a).Guide banks
Question 96. _________ is provided to reduce the kinetic energy of falling water in weir.
  1.    Body wall
  2.    Curtain walls
  3.    Downstream apron
  4.    Shutter
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Answer: Option C. -> Downstream apron
Answer: (c).Downstream apron
Question 97. Which of the following are also known as upstream and downstream piles?
  1.    Talus on upstream and downstream
  2.    Curtain walls on upstream and downstream
  3.    Solid apron on upstream and downstream
  4.    Shutters on crest of weir
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Answer: Option B. -> Curtain walls on upstream and downstream
Answer: (b).Curtain walls on upstream and downstream
Question 98. Curtain walls are provided to increase ________
  1.    Creep depth
  2.    Creep area
  3.    Creep length
  4.    Creep volume
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Answer: Option C. -> Creep length
Answer: (c).Creep length
Question 99. ____________ are provided to protect the land and property with is likely to be submerged.
  1.    Weir
  2.    Divide wall
  3.    Marginal bunds
  4.    Fish ladder
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Answer: Option C. -> Marginal bunds
Answer: (c).Marginal bunds
Question 100. ___________ formula is used for calculating the depth of the foundation.
  1.    Gordon’s
  2.    Rankine’s
  3.    WH Smith’s
  4.    Falcon
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Answer: Option B. -> Rankine’s
Answer: (b).Rankine’s

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