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Question 11. The end support of a bridge is __________
  1.    Pier
  2.    Abutment
  3.    Wing wall
  4.    Approach
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Answer: Option B. -> Abutment
Answer: (b).Abutment
Question 12. The projection of the piers on the upstream side is known as ________
  1.    Cut waters
  2.    Ease waters
  3.    Sharp waters
  4.    Para waters
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Answer: Option A. -> Cut waters
Answer: (a).Cut waters
Question 13. _______ piers are used, when the height of pier is large as in case of viaducts, fly overs.
  1.    Column Bent
  2.    Pile bent
  3.    Trestle bent
  4.    Abutment pier
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Answer: Option C. -> Trestle bent
Answer: (c).Trestle bent
Question 14. ____________ piers are suitable when foundations are of steel cylinder caisson type.
  1.    Masonry
  2.    Trestle bent
  3.    Cylindrical
  4.    Pile
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Answer: Option C. -> Cylindrical
Answer: (c).Cylindrical
Question 15. The projection of the pier on the downstream side is known as ________
  1.    Ease water
  2.    Cut water
  3.    Bridge pier
  4.    Dumb pier
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Answer: Option A. -> Ease water
Answer: (a).Ease water
Question 16. A solid shaft of circular in section is subjected to torque which produces maximum shear stress in a shaft. Calculate the diameter of the shaft.
  1.    (16T/πf)^3/2
  2.    (16f/πT)^1/2
  3.    (16f/π) 1/2
  4.    (πT/16f)^1/2
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Answer: Option A. -> (16T/πf)^3/2
Answer: (a).(16T/πf)^3/2
Question 17. When two dissimilar shafts are connected together, then the shaft is __________
  1.    Integrated shafts
  2.    Composite shafts
  3.    Differential shafts
  4.    Combined shafts
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Answer: Option B. -> Composite shafts
Answer: (b).Composite shafts
Question 18. When a shaft is subjected to pure twisting then the type of stress developed is ________
  1.    Bending
  2.    Axial
  3.    Shear
  4.    Normal
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Answer: Option C. -> Shear
Answer: (c).Shear
Question 19. The torque which produces unit twist per unit length is ________
  1.    Torsional rugosity
  2.    Torsional rigidity
  3.    Torsional viscosity
  4.    Torsional mean radius
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Answer: Option A. -> Torsional rugosity
Answer: (a).Torsional rugosity
Question 20. __________ torque occurs along with maximum shear stress due to combined bending and torsion.
  1.    Equipment
  2.    Coaxial
  3.    Biaxial
  4.    Lateral
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Answer: Option A. -> Equipment
Answer: (a).Equipment

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