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Question 51. From among the following, which pair is not matched?
  1.    Hala – Gatha Saptshati
  2.    Patanjali – Mahabhashya
  3.    Bhadrabahu – Brihat Katha Manjari
  4.    Ashvaghosa – Harsh Charit
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Answer: Option C. -> Bhadrabahu – Brihat Katha Manjari
Answer: (c)
Question 52. Which of the following statements is/ are correct?

  1. Early Buddhist literature is generally composed of canonical text.

  2. The Buddhist schools classify their canonical literature as only the Pitakas.

Select the correct answer using. the code is given below:
  1.    2 only
  2.    1 only
  3.    Both 1 and 2
  4.    Neither 1 nor 2
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Answer: Option C. -> Both 1 and 2
Answer: (c)
Canonical texts are those that are linked to Gautama Buddha in one way or another.
Canonical texts comprise three different kind of texts -
the sutras (discourses),
vinaya (discipline), and
abhidharma (analytical texts), together they are called the ‘Three Baskets’ or Tipitaka (in Pali language) and Tripitaka (in Sanskrit).
Question 53. From which rock shelter of Vindhyas, a maximum number of human skeletons have been found?
  1.    Morahana Pahar
  2.    Ghagharia
  3.    Baghahi Khor
  4.    Lekhahia
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Answer: Option D. -> Lekhahia
Answer: (d)
Question 54. According to the excavated evidence, the domestication of animal began in
  1.    Lower Palaeolithic period
  2.    Middle Palaeolithic period
  3.    Upper Palaeolithic period
  4.    Mesolithic period
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Answer: Option D. -> Mesolithic period
Answer: (d)
Question 55. Which one of the following places is famous for pre-historic paintings?
  1.    Ajanta
  2.    Bhimbetka
  3.    Bagh
  4.    Amravati
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Answer: Option B. -> Bhimbetka
Answer: (b)
Question 56. Which of the following does the Puranas contain?
  1.    Hymns in favour of the Gods
  2.    Laws of Manu and the history on various dynasties
  3.    Thoughts on the mystery of life and universe
  4.    Mythology
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Answer: Option D. -> Mythology
Answer: (d)
Question 57. The expounder of Yoga philosophy was :
  1.    Shankaracharya
  2.    Patanjali
  3.    Jaimini
  4.    Gautam
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Answer: Option B. -> Patanjali
Answer: (b)The ancient Sage Patanjali was an expounder of the Yoga Sutras one of the most important text of yoga covering all aspects of life. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras describe the working of the mind and emotions.
Question 58. Consider the following statements :
  1. Historians use the word source to refer to the information found from manuscripts, inscriptions and archaeology.
  2. Ramayana and Mahabharata are also important source of ancient Indian history.
Which of the above is / are correct?
  1.    2 only
  2.    1 only
  3.    Both 1 and 2
  4.    Neither 1 nor 2
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Answer: Option C. -> Both 1 and 2
Answer: (c)
Question 59. The evidence of pit dwelling has been obtained from
  1.    Burzahom
  2.    Koldihwa
  3.    Brahmagiri
  4.    Sanganakallu
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Answer: Option A. -> Burzahom
Answer: (a)
Question 60. Who among the following teachers was visited by Siddhartha Gautama in the quest for knowledge before his enlightenment?

  1. Alara Kalama

  2. Udraka Ramaputra

  3. Makkhali Gosala

  4. Nigantha Nataputta

Indicate your answer from the codes given below:
  1.    4 and 2
  2.    1 and 4
  3.    2 and 3
  4.    1 and 2
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Answer: Option D. -> 1 and 2
Answer: (d)

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