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Question 31. An upper Palaeolithic Mother Goddess made of bone has been obtained from
  1.    Narmada valley
  2.    Godavari valley
  3.    Son valley
  4.    Belan valley
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Answer: Option D. -> Belan valley
Answer: (d)Mother goddess of bone has been obtained from the upper Palaeolithic level of the Belan valley.
Question 32. The earliest evidence of agriculture in the Indian Sub-continent has been obtained from
  1.    Brahmagiri
  2.    Burzahom
  3.    Koldihwa
  4.    Mehrgarh
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Answer: Option D. -> Mehrgarh
Answer: (d)
Question 33. The evidence of burying the dog with human body is found from which of the following places?
  1.    Burzahom
  2.    Koldihwa
  3.    Chaupani
  4.    Mando
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Answer: Option A. -> Burzahom
Answer: (a)
Question 34. Where are the caves of Bhimbetka situated?
  1.    Bhopal
  2.    Pachmarhi
  3.    Singrauli
  4.    Abdullahganj-Raisen
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Answer: Option D. -> Abdullahganj-Raisen
Answer: (d)
Question 35. Navdatoli was excavated by
  1.    K.D. Bajpai
  2.    V.S. Wakankar
  3.    H.D. Sankalia
  4.    Mortimer Wheeler
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Answer: Option C. -> H.D. Sankalia
Answer: (c)
Question 36. Which of the following sites has yielded skeleton of the dog along with human skeleton in burial?
  1.    Brahmagiri
  2.    Burzahom
  3.    Chirand
  4.    Maski
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Answer: Option B. -> Burzahom
Answer: (b)
Question 37. The Third Tamil Sangam was held at
  1.    Madurai
  2.    Tanjore
  3.    Kanjeevaram
  4.    Mahabalipuram
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Answer: Option A. -> Madurai
Answer: (a)
Question 38. The famous Vedic saying, “War begins in the minds of men”, is stated in the :
  1.    Atharvaveda
  2.    Upanishad
  3.    Samaveda
  4.    Yajurveda
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Answer: Option D. -> Yajurveda
Answer: (d)
Question 39. Who among the following teachers were visited by Siddhartha Gautama in the quest of knowledge before his enlightenment?

  1. Alara Kalama

  2. Udraka Ramaputra

  3. Makkhali Gosala

  4. Nigantha Nataputta

Indicate your answer from the codes given below:
  1.    4 and 2
  2.    1 and 4
  3.    2 and 3
  4.    1 and 2
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Answer: Option D. -> 1 and 2
Answer: (d)
Gautama studied under various teachers and followed their practices until he mastered them all. His first teacher was Alara Kalama who taught a form of meditation leading to an exalted form of absorption called “the state of nothingness”, a state without moral or cognitive dimension. Gautama saw this was not going to solve suffering, and continued his search.
The next teacher was Udraka Ramaputra who taught him meditative absorption leading to “the state of neither perception nor non-perception”. Again, Gautama realized this was not the state he was looking for. (Both Alara and Udraka are by some scholars considered to be Jain followers.)
Question 40. Mrichchhakatikam, written by Shudraka deals with

  1. The love affair of a rich merchant with the daughter of a courtesan.

  2. The military expedition of Samudragupta.

Which of the above is correct?
  1.    2 only
  2.    1 only
  3.    Both 1 and 2
  4.    Neither 1 nor 2
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Answer: Option B. -> 1 only
Answer: (b)

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