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Question 1. Which of the following is used to define the sequence of activities that are performed as part of Preventive Maintenance in an organization?
  1.    Task Lists
  2.    Notification
  3.    Work Order
  4.    Maintenance Order
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Answer: Option A. -> Task Lists

Question 2. Which of the following parameter in multiple counter plan defines the call date for the order in relation to the calculated planned date and thereby also the basic start date for the maintenance order?
  1.    Operation type
  2.    Scheduling period
  3.    Cycle modification factor
  4.    Preliminary buffer
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Answer: Option D. -> Preliminary buffer

Question 3. Which of the following test types is being performed in the production environment?
  1.    Functional test
  2.    Regression test
  3.    Performance test
  4.    Data Conversion simulation
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Answer: Option C. -> Performance test

Question 4. In SAP Net Weaver, how do you offer users with the possibility of providing the respective user with a customized application menu that includes precisely the transactions that are needed for his daily work?
  1.    Menus
  2.    Profiles
  3.    Roles
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Answer: Option C. -> Roles

Question 5. Which type of task list enables you to group operations for objects that are only slightly different?
  1.    Configurable task list
  2.    Clarification task list
  3.    Dependency talk list
  4.    Object task list
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Answer: Option A. -> Configurable task list

Question 6. Which type of maintenance plans must be configured so that right maintenance date is calculated to match the actual running performance?
  1.    Time based
  2.    Cost based
  3.    Performance based
  4.    Manual Plans
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Answer: Option C. -> Performance based

Question 7. Plant Maintenance designed IS based on;
  1.    DIN 31050
  2.    DIN 31051
  3.    DIN 31049
  4.    DIN 31052
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Answer: Option B. -> DIN 31051

Question 8. Which types of task list are object-based and created for a specific, individual piece of equipment?
  1.    Task lists for functional locations
  2.    General maintenance task lists
  3.    Equipment task list
  4.    Preventive task list
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Answer: Option C. -> Equipment task list

Question 9. What kind of communication is addressed in the Communication Plan in ASAP?
  1.    Communication to management and steering committee only
  2.    Communication to project team members only
  3.    External communication to project stakeholders only
  4.    External and internal project communication
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Answer: Option D. -> External and internal project communication

Question 10. Is it possible to create bill of materials without reference to a plant where the system only checks whether material master records are available and plant specific material checks are not performed? What is this type of BOM?
  1.    No, BOM has to be related to only specific plant
  2.    Yes, through Group BOM
  3.    Yes, through Stock BOM
  4.    Yes, through complex BOM
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Answer: Option B. -> Yes, through Group BOM

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