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Question 11. Which of the following subprogram is stored in the database?
  1.    Standalone subprogram
  2.    Nested subprogram in an anonymous block
  3.    Package subprogram
  4.    Standalone and nested subprogram
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Answer: Option A. -> Standalone subprogram
Question 12. What is status transaction that is passed the check funds processed
  1.    Funds Available
  2.    Reserved
  3.    Sufficient Funds
  4.    Insufficient Funds
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Answer: Option B. -> Reserved
Question 13. Which feature is used to cancel payment
  1.    Cancel
  2.    Void
  3.    Delete
  4.    Unreconcile
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Answer: Option B. -> Void
Question 14. What information is provided by a journal batch for multiple lines contained within it? (Choose two)
  1.    The Ledger
  2.    The Journal Source
  3.    The Accounting Period
  4.    The Accounting Code Combination
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Answer: Option B. -> The Journal Source
Question 15. What seems to disturb Apollo most about being human?
  1.    Jeans.
  2.    Curly hair.
  3.    A wallet.
  4.    Acne.
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Answer: Option D. -> Acne.
Question 16. Why is Apollo so terrified of Python?
  1.    Apollo is now mortal.
  2.    Apollo forgot to bring his bow.
  3.    Apollo slept with Python's daughter.
  4.    Apollo does not have his bronze sword.
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Answer: Option A. -> Apollo is now mortal.
Question 17. Why does Apollo worry about the woods near Camp Half-Blood?
  1.    The woods hate Apollo.
  2.    Apollo senses that something is "off" about the woods.
  3.    All of nature is angry with Apollo.
  4.    The woods are full of nosoi.
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Answer: Option B. -> Apollo senses that something is "off" about the woods.
Question 18. Identify whether the below statement is true or false “Payment terms can be overwritten at the Invoice Header Level”
  1.    True
  2.    False
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Answer: Option A. -> True
Question 19. Which of the following is not true about the exception handling section of a PL/SQL block?
  1.    This section starts with the EXCEPTION keyword.
  2.    It is a mandatory section.
  3.    It contains exception(s) that handle errors in the program.
  4.    None of the above.
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Answer: Option B. -> It is a mandatory section.
Question 20. Which of the following is not among the types of PL/SQL records?
  1.    Table-based
  2.    View-based
  3.    Cursor-based records
  4.    User-defined records
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Answer: Option B. -> View-based

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