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Question 1. Which options do you select on the Requisition Preferences page?
  1.    Preferred carrier for transporting goods
  2.    Favorite charge accounts for billing purposes
  3.    Shipping and delivery preferences
  4.    Both B & C
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Answer: Option D. -> Both B & C
Question 2. Where you can find the custom report in Oracle Fusion Finance that used in Kalla Group
  1.    Schedule Process
  2.    Financial Reporting Custom
  3.    Financial Reporting Center
  4.    Financial Reporting Studio
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Answer: Option C. -> Financial Reporting Center
Question 3. What is the status of the Purchase Order that can be searched for receive?
  1.    Close for receiving
  2.    Closed
  3.    Open
  4.    Pending Approval
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Answer: Option C. -> Open
Question 4. Which action you need to choose to start the approval process in invoice
  1.    Submit Approval
  2.    Force Approve
  3.    Initiate Approval
  4.    Workflow Approved
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Answer: Option C. -> Initiate Approval
Question 5. Which subledger module which is NOT imported journal to General Accounting Module
  1.    Receivables
  2.    Fixed Asset
  3.    Payables
  4.    Budgeting
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Answer: Option D. -> Budgeting
Question 6. What brand of basketball will the NBA be using next season?
  1.    Nike
  2.    Spalding
  3.    Wilson
  4.    Champion
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Answer: Option C. -> Wilson
Question 7. What have scholars concluded from the large number of wild animal bones found at Shang sites?
  1.    The Shang kept livestock
  2.    The Shang rode elephants
  3.    The Shang were active hunters
  4.    The Shang feared animal attacks.
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Answer: Option C. -> The Shang were active hunters
Question 8. Which statement is true about a work area?
  1.    It identifies a physical, geographical, or logical grouping of work centers.
  2.    It is where a plant head operates and supervises manufacturing operations.
  3.    It identifies a place where manufacturing machines are maintained.
  4.    It is where finished goods are stocked.
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Answer: Option A. -> It identifies a physical, geographical, or logical grouping of work centers.
Question 9. What is report name used to verify transaction before closing
  1.    Subledger closing report
  2.    Subledger period close exceptions report
  3.    Subledger period close create accounting
  4.    Subledger transactions report
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Answer: Option B. -> Subledger period close exceptions report
Question 10. What is the syntax for exception handlers within an exception section?
  1.    WHEN (exception) THEN (action);
  2.    IF (exception) THEN (action);
  3.    WHEN (exception) statement;
  4.    WHEN (exception) (Action);
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Answer: Option A. -> WHEN (exception) THEN (action);

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