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Electrical Measurement And Instrumentation


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Question 1. Telephone companies make use of the Wheatstone bridge for _________
  1.    measuring the telephone resistance
  2.    computing the line strength
  3.    maintaining dialtone
  4.    locating the cable faults
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Answer: Option D. -> locating the cable faults
Answer: (d).locating the cable faults
Question 2. How can a Wheatstone bridge be used for the measurement of physical parameters?
  1.    in conjunction with a rectifier
  2.    along with an op amp
  3.    by connecting it to a thermistor
  4.    by making use of a transducer
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Answer: Option B. -> along with an op amp
Answer: (b).along with an op amp
Question 3. By using the variations on a Wheatstone bridge we can _________
  1.    measure quantities such as voltage, current and power
  2.    measure high resistance values
  3.    measure quantities such as complex power
  4.    measure quantities such as capacitance, inductance and impedance
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Answer: Option D. -> measure quantities such as capacitance, inductance and impedance
Answer: (d).measure quantities such as capacitance, inductance and impedance
Question 4. The types of faults in a telephone line are ________
  1.    line to line or line to ground
  2.    triple line to line or line to ground
  3.    open circuit and short circuit
  4.    symmetrical and unsymmetrical
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Answer: Option A. -> line to line or line to ground
Answer: (a).line to line or line to ground
Question 5. One of the simplest applications of a Wheatstone bridge is ________
  1.    voltage measurement
  2.    current measurement
  3.    light measurement
  4.    power measurement
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Answer: Option C. -> light measurement
Answer: (c).light measurement
Question 6. The role of the permanent magnet in a megger is to ________
  1.    provide field
  2.    provide voltage
  3.    generate power
  4.    balance the circuit
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Answer: Option A. -> provide field
Answer: (a).provide field
Question 7. The role of the compensating coil in a megger is ________
  1.    reduce current
  2.    increase voltage
  3.    control temperature
  4.    scaling
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Answer: Option D. -> scaling
Answer: (d).scaling
Question 8. The supply to the megger is given by ________
  1.    ac motor
  2.    ac generator
  3.    permanent magnet dc motor
  4.    dc generator
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Answer: Option C. -> permanent magnet dc motor
Answer: (c).permanent magnet dc motor
Question 9. The moving element of the ohmmeter in a megger consists of ________
  1.    1 coil
  2.    4 coils
  3.    3 coils
  4.    10 coils
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Answer: Option C. -> 3 coils
Answer: (c).3 coils
Question 10. A guard ring is provided in a megger to ________
  1.    protect the circuit
  2.    eliminate error
  3.    reduce current flow
  4.    limit the temperature rise
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Answer: Option B. -> eliminate error
Answer: (b).eliminate error

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