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Question 41. The organism used to produce L-glutamic acid is
  1.    Micrococcus glutamicus
  2.    all of these
  3.    Arthrobacter globiformis
  4.    Brevibacterium aminogenes
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Answer: Option B. -> all of these
Question 42. Which of the following is known for greater stability of the riboflavin producing capacity?
  1.    None of these
  2.    Candida flareri
  3.    Ashbya gossypii
  4.    Eremothecium ashbyii
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Answer: Option C. -> Ashbya gossypii
Question 43. The maximum concentration of ethanol that is achieved by successive distillation of fermentation broth in continuous stills is
  1.    70%
  2.    99%
  3.    95%
  4.    60%
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Answer: Option C. -> 95%
Question 44. Species of the genus Streptomyces are known for
  1.    the production of cheese
  2.    nitrification
  3.    the production of antibiotics
  4.    the production of beer
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Answer: Option C. -> the production of antibiotics
Question 45. The strain C. glutamicum can be used for the production of
  1.    L-ornithine
  2.    all of these
  3.    L-phenylalanine
  4.    L-glutamine
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Answer: Option B. -> all of these
Question 46. The recovery of vitamin from fermentation broth is carried out prior to
  1.    acidification
  2.    none of these
  3.    alcohol treatment
  4.    autolysis
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Answer: Option D. -> autolysis
Question 47. Naringinase, an enzyme commonly used for removal of bitter taste from citrus juice is obtained from
  1.    A.flavus
  2.    A. niger
  3.    A. oryzae
  4.    S. cerevisiae
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Answer: Option B. -> A. niger
Question 48. Which of the following microorganism produces only L(+) - lactic acid without further racemization ?
  1.    Leuconostoc mesenteroides
  2.    Lactobacillus delbrueckii
  3.    Lactobacillus bulgaricus
  4.    Rhizopus oryzae
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Answer: Option D. -> Rhizopus oryzae
Question 49. The species of Acetobacter which produces cellulosic strands to hold the cells in lime layer is
  1.    Acetobacter xylinum
  2.    Acetobacter curvum
  3.    Acetobacter schuetzenbachii
  4.    Accetobacter orleanense
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Answer: Option A. -> Acetobacter xylinum
Question 50. The commonly used media for submerged bacterial fermentation at commercial scale is
  1.    liver extract
  2.    germinated seed
  3.    beet molasses
  4.    none of these
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Answer: Option C. -> beet molasses

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