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Two mutually perpendicular chords AB and CD meet at a point P inside the circle such that AP=6 units PB=4 units and DP=3 units. What is the area of the circle?
A .  125 π4
B .  100 π7
C .  125 π8
D .  52 π43
E .  1
Answer: Option A
Two Mutually Perpendicular Chords AB And CD Meet At A Point ...
As AB and CD are two chords that intersect at P, AP PB = CP PD
From centre O draw OM AB and ON CD
We get AM = MB = 5 (perpendicular from center bisects the chord)
Therefore MP = 1, ON = 1, CD = 11
CN = ND = 5.5 (perpendicular from centre bisects the chord)
Area of circle = πr2=π(1+(5.5)2)=125π4

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