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The Supreme Court in its land mark judgement gave women the right to terminate their pregnancy as a constitutional right.Which of the following, if true, can go against the Supreme Court's judgement?
A .  In several other countries abortion is illegal.
B .  An unborn child should be treated as a person and every person has a fundamental right to live.
C .  The elected representatives of one of the states rejected the proposal to make abortion illegal in a 30-70 vote.
D .  If a foetus can be treated as a person, an enbryo from which the foetus is formed should also be treated as a person.
E .  None of these
Answer: Option B

Choice (a) does not state that every other country considers abortion as illegal. There is a possibility that there are some countries which treat abortion legal. Hence (a) does not go against the judgement. If choice (b) is true, the judgement of the court goes against the fundamental rights. This makes the court's judgement untenable. Hence (b) goes against the supreme court judgement.
According to choice (c), the elected representatives are in favour of making abortion legal.Choice (d) does not state anything in favour or against the judgement. It is out of context.Hence, choice (b) goes against the judgement.

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