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Read the above passage, answer the below question.Which of the statements A, B, C, D and E mentioned above would weaken the apprehensions of the Indian government?
A .  Only C and D
B .  Only A
C .  Only B
D .  Only E
E .  Only D
Answer: Option A

India apprehends that these roads may be used by terrorists to seek into the Indian territory. Statement (C) indicates that it is very easy to observe such attempts by the terrorists and action can be taken very quickly. This indicates that even though there are such attempts they can be thwarted very early. This would reduce the Indian apprehensions. Similarly, statement (D) indicates that once the roads are laid the terrorists would lose essential cover needed for infiltration. This would also reduce the Indian apprehensions. hence, (C) and (D) weaken the Indian apprehension.

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