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In a sequence of (4n+1) terms, the first (2n+1) terms are in Arithmetic Progression whose common difference is 2 and the last (2n+1) terms are in Geometric Progression whose common ratio is 0.5. If the middle terms of the AP & GP are equal, then the middle term of the sequence is
A .  (nx2n+1)/(2n-1)
C .  nx2n
D .  n
E .  n2-n
Answer: Option A
At n=1, there are 5 terms in this sequence. The 2nd and the 5th term are equal. One such sequence which satisfies the given conditions is
Based on this, the middle term is 4
Look in the answer options for a value 4, on substitution of n=1. Answer is option (a)

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