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Question: At Shiprock, New Mexico, a perennially powerful girl's high school basketball team has become a path to collage for some and a source of pride for a community where the household incomes of 49 percent of them are below the poverty level.
A.where they have 49 percent of the household incomes
B.where 49 percent of the household incomes are
C.which has 49 percent of the household incomes which 49 percent of them have household incomes
Answer: Option B
: B

Option: (B)
seems to be clear and concise - where is used right since it is referring to the community.

A is incorrect because 'they' has an unclear incident.
B I think Which is used wrong here... It should be That instead describing the community.
D. is incorrect because 'them' has an unclear incident

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Question 1. Which of the following can be inferred from the passage about the adherents of "certain theories of non-representational art”?
  1.    They do not think that the representation of nature was ever the primary goal of past painters. 
  2.    They do not agree that marks on a flat surface can ever satisfactorily convey the illusion of three-dimensional space.
  3.    They consider the use of illusion to be inappropriate in contemporary art.
  4.    They concern themselves more with types of art such as advertisements and magazine illustrations than with traditional art.
Answer: Option C
: C

This is a data based inference question. Let us first look at the lines - in fact, rather critical of certain theories of non-representational art”. We do not get any clue regarding what these non-representational arts are. Let us go to the next line - But to argue over these theories would be to miss the point The author has used a pronoun “these” without defining the term non-representational art. So we need to go to the next line - “That the discoveries and effects of representation that were the pride of earlier artists have become trivial today, I would not deny for a moment”. Here we get a clue that the adherents of “certain theories of nonrepresentational art” considered usage of illusion trivial. Therefore we can infer that (C) is the best answer option. The other way we can get the answer is through the complement rule. Author is a critic of theories of non-representational art. The adherents of theories of non-representational art will be against the views of the author. Author states that - “When we consider great painters of the past, the study of art and the study of illusion cannot always be separated”. So the adherents of non-representational art will feel that illusions are inappropriate for art. So the answer is (C).
Question 2. In the following set of sentences, some sentences are grammatically incorrect or inappropriate.Type in the options corresponding to incorrect sentences in the box following the question. For example, if the incorrect sentences are A and B, then type the sequence AB in the box ( in capital letters, without any space between the characters and in alphabetical order ).
A. The Confederation of Italian Industry (CII) has forecasted Italy's growth rate to be 12.5% in 2007-2008.

B. In an unfortunate incident, Ramesh drowned while swimming in a river.

C. An Australian Naval vessel, "Aussie” sank of the coast in the Arabian sea while on a routine mission.

D. Parliamentary elections, to elect representatives to the RajyaSabha, are due early next year.

The correct sequence is___

: In statement B, "in a river” is to be replaced by "in the river” since the statement refers to a specific incident which took place in a particular river.
In statement C, "of” is to be replaced by "off”.
Hence, the correct sequence BC.
Question 3. In 1980, Country A had a per capita gross domesticproduct (GDP) that was $5,000 higher than that ofthe European Economic Community. By 1990, the difference, when adjusted for inflation, had increasedto $6,000. Since a rising per capita GDP indicates arising average standard of living, the averagestandard of living in Country A must have risenbetween 1980 and 1990.

Which one of the following is an assumption onwhich the argument depends?
  1.    Between 1980 and 1990, Country A and theEuropean Economic Communityexperienced the same percentage increase inpopulation.
  2.    Between 1980 and 1990, the average standardof living in the European EconomicCommunity fell.
  3.    Some member countries of the EuropeanEconomic Community had, during the1980s, a higher average standard of livingthan Country A.
  4.    The per capita GDP of the European Economic Community was not lower by more than $1,000 in 1990 than it had been in 1980.
Answer: Option D
: D

The author has fallen into the trap of believing that an increase in the difference between GDP's means that the actual GDP of country A has increased. Let us look at this example. X1= A initial-B initial X2=A final-B final X1<X2 is possible if a) A final is greater than A initial or b) B initial is greater than B final or c) Combination of a) and b) We can see that in case 2 and case 3 the GDP of country has not risen. The author has assumed that the GDP of EEC has not decreased. Only then we can draw the conclusion that GDP of country has increased. So the only answer option which fits this (d)
Question 4. What best describes the organization of the passage?
  1.    The author highlights the features of a psychological study and discusses the future of his research
  2.    The passage is a convergence of varying opinions on the different aspects of a phenomenon, with suggestive measures for guarding against it
  3.    The author suggests the possible cures of paranoia and the ways to treat it.
  4.    The author gives his observations on the origin of a disease, highlights the symptoms, and emphasizes its psychological aspects.
Answer: Option D
: D

The author is not doing any kind of research on paranoia. He is only giving his views on the subject. Option (a) is incorrect. There are no varying opinions given in the passage. Option (b) is ruled out. The statement is repetitive and does not describe the organization completely and hence option (c) is eliminated. There is no conclusion to be reached. It is entirely the author’s viewpoint. Only option (d) describes the organization well. The author starts off by defining how paranoia originates, he discusses its symptoms and how it affects the mental well-being of a person. Hence option (d) is the correct answer.
Question 5. From the passage the reader can infer that:
  1.    the cantar was the only literary genre in Spain before 1600.
  2.    the decline of the Moorish states in Spain resulted in the destruction of much early Spanish literature.
  3.    fifteenth-century Spanish culture benefited from outside influences.
  4.    the mester de clerecía were more popular than the cantares.    
Answer: Option C
: C

The author cites Spaniards’ contact with other societies as a positive influence on Spain’s literary development (1st paragraph). The statements in both choices A and B are far too sweeping, based on information in the passage. Choice D is not mentioned or implied, and nothing suggests that the mester de clerecía were more popular than the epics.
Question 6. Ditrama is a federation made up of three autonomous regions: Korva, Mitro, and Guadar. Under the federal revenue-sharing plan, each region receives a share of federal revenues equal to the share of the total population of Ditrama residing in that region, as shown by a yearly population survey. Last year, the percentage of federal revenues Korva received for its share decreased somewhat even though the population survey on which the revenue-sharing was based showed that Korva's population had increased.

If the statements above are true, which one of the following must also have been shown by the population survey on which last year's revenue-sharing in Ditrama was based?
  1.    Of the three regions, Korva had the smallest number of residents.
  2.    Korva's population grew by a smaller percentage than did the population of at least one of the other two autonomous regions.
  3.    The populations of Mitro and Guadar each increased by a percentage that exceeded the percentage by which the population of Korva increased.
  4.    Of the three regions, Korva's numerical increase in population was the smallest
Answer: Option B
: B

Korva's population has increased but its revenue share has decreased. This is possible only when the total increase in ditrama's population is more than that of korva's population The correct answer option should bring out this Option (a) is junk Option (c ) and (d) are the classic wrong answers. It is enough if the population of either Mitro or Gaudar increases by a percentage higher than Korva's. It is not necessary that both the region's population must increase by a percentage higher than that of Korva's.(remember this is a must be true question)]. The correct answer option is (b)

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