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Sail Junior Officer E0 Exam 2023 Questions

The SAIL Junior Offer Promotion Exam is a highly competitive exam that is conducted annually to recruit talented and skilled individuals to the junior officer cadre of SAIL. In the year 2023, the exam saw a massive influx of applicants, all vying for a chance to secure an Executive Rank Promotion in one of the largest steel producers in India. The exam comprised of multiple-choice questions that tested the applicants' knowledge of various subjects related to steel production, management, and engineering. Here are some of the questions that appeared in the SAIL Junior Offer Promotion Online CBT Based Exam 2023:

1)VM% IN COKE?  (provided by VPTA)

2)12, 13, 21, 85, 597, ?...  (provided by VPTA)

3) Main gases in co gas (provided by Tarak)

4) Latest NSP in which Your.....??? (provided by BaghBanchandraNayak)

5)Which plant is producing Alloy Steel... (provided by BaghBanchandraNayak)

6) who is take responsible and controlling Air conditioning dept?  (provided by Maika Majhi)

7)Some question come like safety aspects,which dept is? IED ,Safety engg. Dept. ,Emd (provided by Maika Majhi)

8)Sail is not having joint venture with Reliance industries(provided by VPTA)

9)Among A B C AND D Who has the least weight  (provided by Tarak)

10)GPOE- The recastralization temperature of metal.... (provided by BaghBanchandraNayak)

11)Pradhan mantri awasyojna me...  (provided by Kamal Kant Ramteke)

12)Which is not in 5 intrigued steel plant..? (SSP) (provided by SVS Tripathi)

13)Blast Furncae Flow Diagram  (provided by SVS Tripathi)

14)six persons seating circle facing centre.. Who will be immediate right of G   (provided by VPTA)

15)To produce 1 Ton of sinter, ore Files required  is about ____ Tons

Reasoning Questions Distribution (20 Questions) (provided by VPTA):

a)Facing Circle - 1 Question

b)Missing Number - 2 Questions

b)English passage - 7 Questions

d)Maths DI - 4 Questions

e)Direction Test -  3 Questions

f)Ascending Oredr - 1 Questions

g)Even Odd Number - 1 Question

h) Lowest Weight - 1 Qestion

This questions List if being compiled in order to Help the Next year Aspirants/Candidates

If you Remember any more ore Question then Please Contribute in the comment Section Below.

Dated : 19-Mar-2023
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