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Question 131. Bacteria decompose dead plants and algae by increasing their growth rate and using
  1.    dissolved oxygen
  2.    carbon dioxide
  3.    nitrogen
  4.    nutrients
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Answer: Option A. -> dissolved oxygen
Answer: (a).dissolved oxygen
Question 132. Ammonium salts include
  1.    Ammonium chloride
  2.    ammonium nitrate
  3.    ammonium sulfate
  4.    all of above
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Answer: Option D. -> all of above
Answer: (d).all of above
Question 133. Nitrogen-based fertilizer formed from ammonia and nitric acid is
  1.    Ammonium chloride
  2.    ammonium nitrate
  3.    ammonium sulfate
  4.    ammonium carbonate
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Answer: Option B. -> ammonium nitrate
Answer: (b).ammonium nitrate
Question 134. Hydrogen is also obtained as a by-product of cracking of heavy fractions from
  1.    coal
  2.    crude oil
  3.    petrol
  4.    propane
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Answer: Option B. -> crude oil
Answer: (b).crude oil
Question 135. The smoke released by car exhaust fumes are of
  1.    nitrogen
  2.    nitrates
  3.    nitrogen oxides
  4.    ammonia
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Answer: Option C. -> nitrogen oxides
Answer: (c).nitrogen oxides
Question 136.  When the amino acid alanine (R-group is CH3) is added to a solution with a pH of 7.3, alanine becomes
  1.    a cation
  2.    nonpolar
  3.    a zwitterions
  4.    an isotope
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Answer: Option C. -> a zwitterions
Question 137.  What is the end product of leucine metabolism?
  1.    Acetyl-CoA
  2.    Pyruvic acid
  3.    Oxaloacetic acid
  4.    Acetyl carnitine
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Answer: Option A. -> Acetyl-CoA
Question 138.  Which of the following amino acids can form hydrogen bonds with their side (R) groups?
  1.    Asparagine
  2.    Aspartic acid
  3.    Glutamine
  4.    All of these
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Answer: Option D. -> All of these
Question 139.  Molecules that bear charged groups of opposite polarity are known as
  1.    zwitterions
  2.    ambions
  3.    ion conversion
  4.    amphions
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Answer: Option A. -> zwitterions
Question 140.  What is the heaviest of the twenty amino acids?
  1.    Phenylalanine
  2.    Tryptophan
  3.    Tyrosine
  4.    Histidine
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Answer: Option B. -> Tryptophan

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