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Question 1. Which of the following forms the terminal moiety of a carbohydrate group of a glycoprotein?
  1.    N-acetyl cysteine
  2.    N-acetyl neuraminic acid
  3.    N-acetyl glucosamine
  4.    N-acetyl glutamate
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Answer: Option B. -> N-acetyl neuraminic acid
Answer: (b).N-acetyl neuraminic acid
Question 2. Which of the following is a type of coreceptor molecule?
  1.    Heparan sulfate
  2.    Acetylcholine
  3.    Phosphatidylserine
  4.    CR2
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Answer: Option A. -> Heparan sulfate
Answer: (a).Heparan sulfate
Question 3. The fusion of ___________ and ____________ occurs during the entry of viral genome into the cell.
  1.    lipid bilayer and plasma membrane
  2.    lipid bilayer and cell wall
  3.    carbohydrate layer and cytoplasm
  4.    virus and host cell
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Answer: Option A. -> lipid bilayer and plasma membrane
Answer: (a).lipid bilayer and plasma membrane
Question 4. Which of the following virus does not use the CXCR4 molecule as a receptor?
  1.    HIV-1
  2.    HIV-2
  3.    Poliovirus
  4.    SIV
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Answer: Option C. -> Poliovirus
Answer: (c).Poliovirus
Question 5. Which of the following molecule is used as a receptor by Rhinoviruses?
  1.    CD4
  2.    CD25
  3.    ICAM-1
  4.    CCR5
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Answer: Option C. -> ICAM-1
Answer: (c).ICAM-1
Question 6. Which of the following organelle prevents the entry of viruses in plant cells?
  1.    Mitochondria
  2.    Plasma membrane
  3.    Golgi bodies
  4.    Cell wall
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Answer: Option D. -> Cell wall
Answer: (d).Cell wall
Question 7. The entry of picornaviruses is inhibited by zanamivir.
  1.    True
  2.    False
  3.    May be True or False
  4.    Can't say
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Answer: Option B. -> False
Answer: (b).False
Question 8. The presence of O-specific side chains makes a cell sensitive to _____________
  1.    6SR
  2.    P22
  3.    Br2
  4.    Br60
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Answer: Option B. -> P22
Answer: (b).P22
Question 9. Which of the following compound inhibits the entry of the HIV-1 virus?
  1.    Zanamivir
  2.    Oseltamivir
  3.    Pleconaril
  4.    Enfuvirtide
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Answer: Option D. -> Enfuvirtide
Answer: (d).Enfuvirtide
Question 10. Which of the following protein helps in the removal of primers in SV40 replication?
  1.    T antigen
  2.    DNA ligase
  3.    RNase H
  4.    RNase A
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Answer: Option C. -> RNase H
Answer: (c).RNase H

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