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Question 1. Which of the following is the reduced form of a temporary electron carrier molecule?
  1.    CO2
  2.    FADH2
  3.    NADP+
  4.    ATP
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Answer: Option B. -> FADH2
Question 2. Which one of the following is a product of both cyclic and noncyclic photophosphorylation?
  1.    ATP
  2.    NADPH
  3.    O2
  4.    Carbohydrate
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Answer: Option A. -> ATP
Question 3. NADP+ is reduced to NADPH during
  1.    photorespiration
  2.    light dependent reactions
  3.    none of these
  4.    calvin cylcle
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Answer: Option B. -> light dependent reactions
Question 4. Which of the following represents a correct ordering of the events that occur during the respiration of glucose in the absence of O2?
  1.    Oxidative phosphorylation; citric acid cycle; glycolysis
  2.    Glycolysis; oxidative phosphorylation; citric acid cycle
  3.    Glycolysis; fermentation
  4.    Glycolysis; citric acid cycle; oxidative phosphorylation
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Answer: Option C. -> Glycolysis; fermentation
Question 5. The rate of photorespiration in most plants increases at.higher temperatures. Some plants have evolved a somewhat round-about system to deal with this problem. This series of reactions is called
  1.    Calvin cycle
  2.    Photosystem II
  3.    C4 pathway
  4.    ETS (electron transfer system in light reactions
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Answer: Option C. -> C4 pathway
Question 6. More ATP is manufactured during __________ than at any other time in all of cellular metabolism.
  1.    glycolysis
  2.    the light reactions of photosynthesis
  3.    fermentation
  4.    oxidative phosphorylation
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Answer: Option D. -> oxidative phosphorylation
Question 7. Where does the O2 come from that is essential for the proper functioning of oxidative phosphorylation?
  1.    Light reactions of photosynthesis
  2.    Carbon fixation
  3.    Dark reactions of photosynthesis
  4.    Fermentation
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Answer: Option A. -> Light reactions of photosynthesis
Question 8. Carbon fixation requires the expenditure of ATP molecules which is generated by
  1.    replenishment of chlorophyll
  2.    formation of glucose during the Calvin cycle
  3.    None of these
  4.    ETS (electron transfer system) during the light reactions
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Answer: Option D. -> ETS (electron transfer system) during the light reactions
Question 9. Antenna complexes, electron transport chains, and carbon fixation are all found in
  1.    plant cells
  2.    bacterial cells
  3.    association with the reactions of the citric acid cycle
  4.    animal cells
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Answer: Option A. -> plant cells
Question 10. Electron transport systems play a vital role in
  1.    Calvin cycle
  2.    photorespiration
  3.    light-dependent reactions
  4.    all of these
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Answer: Option C. -> light-dependent reactions

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