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Question 41. Which of the following is not a reason for organizations to adopt flexible systems under agile manufacturing?
  1.    Increasing fluctuations in demand
  2.    Economic factors
  3.    Political factors
  4.    Waterfall model
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Answer: Option D. -> Waterfall model
Answer: (d).Waterfall model
Question 42. Which of the following is not found in an agile organization?
  1.    Accountability
  2.    Transparency
  3.    Collaborations
  4.    Leaders ruling over employees
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Answer: Option D. -> Leaders ruling over employees
Answer: (d).Leaders ruling over employees
Question 43. Which of the following is not related to an agile organization?
  1.    Silo mentality
  2.    Real-time communication and work management tools
  3.    Interactive digital work instructions
  4.    Concept of hackathons
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Answer: Option A. -> Silo mentality
Answer: (a).Silo mentality

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