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Question 1. What of the following is used to remove metals using plants?
  1.    Phyto-extraction
  2.    Mashing with Adhesives
  3.    Mashing with Fibers
  4.    Watering
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Answer: Option A. -> Phyto-extraction
Answer: (a).Phyto-extraction
Question 2. Which of the following is a method of phytoextraction for removal of metals?
  1.    Absorption by plant roots
  2.    Absorption by water
  3.    Absorption by soil
  4.    Absorption by weathered rock
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Answer: Option A. -> Absorption by plant roots
Answer: (a).Absorption by plant roots
Question 3. How bacteria incorporate heavy metals inside them?
  1.    Slow transport inside the cell
  2.    Gasification
  3.    Incineration
  4.    Disposal
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Answer: Option A. -> Slow transport inside the cell
Answer: (a).Slow transport inside the cell
Question 4. Which of the following can dissolve metals?
  1.    Biogeochemcial cycle
  2.    Microbial metabolic secretions
  3.    Afforestation
  4.    Deforestation
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Answer: Option B. -> Microbial metabolic secretions
Answer: (b).Microbial metabolic secretions
Question 5. What habitat is not a home for bacteria?
  1.    Arctic snow
  2.    Soil
  3.    Rocks
  4.    Distilled water
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Answer: Option D. -> Distilled water
Answer: (d).Distilled water
Question 6. Mercury resistance or heavy metal resistance in bacteria is usually found in which contaminated sites?
  1.    Mercury contaminated sites
  2.    Copper contaminated sites
  3.    Nickle contaminated sites
  4.    Magnesium contaminated sites
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Answer: Option A. -> Mercury contaminated sites
Answer: (a).Mercury contaminated sites
Question 7. Heavy metal resistance elements are found in gram negative bacteria.
  1.    True
  2.    False
  3.    May be True or False
  4.    Can't say
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Answer: Option A. -> True
Answer: (a).True
Question 8. Which of the following is not used to clear-out heavy metals contaminated environment?
  1.    Bacteria
  2.    Fungi
  3.    Algae
  4.    H₂S
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Answer: Option D. -> H₂S
Answer: (d).H₂S
Question 9. How does DNA develop resistance mechanisms?
  1.    Information from DNA
  2.    Intercellular ligands
  3.    Extracellular ligands
  4.    Integral proteins
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Answer: Option A. -> Information from DNA
Answer: (a).Information from DNA
Question 10. How bacteria help in metal extraction?
  1.    Oxidation of ore
  2.    Reduction of ore
  3.    Assimilation
  4.    Accumulation
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Answer: Option A. -> Oxidation of ore
Answer: (a).Oxidation of ore

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