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Question 1. Science of precise and accurate measurement of various physical quantities is termed as ___________
  1.    Metrology
  2.    Meteorology
  3.    Pedology
  4.    Mineralogy
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Answer: Option A. -> Metrology
Answer: (a).Metrology
Question 2. In a measuring system quantity under measurement is termed as ________________
  1.    Measurand
  2.    Controllers
  3.    Sensors
  4.    Indicators
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Answer: Option A. -> Measurand
Answer: (a).Measurand
Question 3. During a measurement, for a measure value “B”, absolute error is obtained as “A”, what will be the relative error of measurement?
  1.    A/B
  2.    B/A
  3.    (A+1)/B
  4.    (B+A)/A
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Answer: Option A. -> A/B
Answer: (a).A/B
Question 4. Accuracy and Precision are dependent on each other.
  1.    True
  2.    False
  3.    May be True or False
  4.    Can't say
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Answer: Option B. -> False
Answer: (b).False
Question 5. In a measurement, what is the term used to specify the closeness of two or more measurements?
  1.    Precision
  2.    Accuracy
  3.    Fidelity
  4.    Threshold
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Answer: Option A. -> Precision
Answer: (a).Precision
Question 6. Which of the following represents RH value of moisture contained sample?
  1.    Water activity
  2.    Moisture content
  3.    Ion concentration
  4.    Acidity
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Answer: Option A. -> Water activity
Answer: (a).Water activity
Question 7. Which of the following IR radiation is used in measuring relative humidity?
  1.    Wavelength of less than 1um
  2.    Wavelength less than 3um
  3.    Wavelength greater than 10um
  4.    Wavelength of any value
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Answer: Option B. -> Wavelength less than 3um
Answer: (b).Wavelength less than 3um
Question 8. Which of the following is not used for measuring moisture?
  1.    IR absorption method
  2.    Microwave loss method
  3.    Both IR absorption and microwave loss method
  4.    None of the mentioned
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Answer: Option D. -> None of the mentioned
Answer: (d).None of the mentioned
Question 9. FICT stands for ______________
  1.    Forced iso concentration technique
  2.    Flouro iso concentration technique
  3.    Flouro ion concentration technique
  4.    Flouro ion carry transfer
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Answer: Option B. -> Flouro iso concentration technique
Answer: (b).Flouro iso concentration technique
Question 10. For moisture measurement, microwave of ____________ wavelength is used.
  1.    Less than 3um
  2.    Less than 3nm
  3.    Less than 3mm
  4.    less than 3cm
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Answer: Option D. -> less than 3cm
Answer: (d).less than 3cm

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