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Question 1. Which Hamcrest matcher is just like the && operator?
  1.    Is
  2.    Anything
  3.    sameInstance
  4.    allOf
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Answer: Option D. -> allOf

Checks to see if all contained matchers match (just like the && operator).

Question 2. AOP forms a basis for __________
  1.    Functional Development
  2.    Object Oriented Programming
  3.    Datafield Development
  4.    Aspect Oriented Software Development
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Answer: Option D. -> Aspect Oriented Software Development

AOSD seeks modularization of systems.

Question 3. The _________ rule can be used to test both exception type and message.
  1.    Expected
  2.    ExpectedException
  3.    CatchException
  4.    Catch
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Answer: Option B. -> ExpectedException

Since JUnit 4.7, ExpectedException can be used to test both exception type and message.

Question 4. ______________ Hamcrest matcher can be used to match absolutely everything.
  1.    Is
  2.    AnyOf
  3.    Anything
  4.    Not
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Answer: Option C. -> Anything

Matches absolutely anything. Useful in some cases where one wants to make the assert statement more readable.

Question 5. In what order is multiple @Before annotated methods run?
  1.    Oldest First
  2.    Newest First
  3.    Randomly
  4.    According to argument list
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Answer: Option C. -> Randomly

It is not certain which @Before annotated method will run first as all run randomly.

Question 6. To avoid overdesigning an interface, usually ____________ is used.
  1.    Agile Development
  2.    Test Driven Development
  3.    Base Design Development
  4.    Waterfall Development
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Answer: Option B. -> Test Driven Development

Since test driven development is reliant on a very short development cycle being repeated, it is used to avoid overdesigning an interface.

Question 7. The Timeout Rule implements which interface?
  1.    Timeout
  2.    Test
  3.    TestingTimeout
  4.    TestRule
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Answer: Option D. -> TestRule

The TestRule interface is extended and implemented by Timeout Rule.

Question 8. Constructor-based DI is accomplished when the container invokes a class constructor with ____________
  1.    A number of arguments
  2.    No argument
  3.    Just one argument
  4.    Null objects
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Answer: Option A. -> A number of arguments

Each argument represents a dependency on some other class.

Question 9. Timeout testing is ____________
  1.    Software Dependent
  2.    Hardware Dependent
  3.    Software and Hardware Dependent
  4.    Software and Hardware Independent
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Answer: Option C. -> Software and Hardware Dependent

Since different software and hardware gives different performance, timeout testing is software and hardware dependent.

Question 10. Inversion of Control is used to increase __________ of the code.
  1.    Functionality
  2.    Cleanliness
  3.    Effectiveness
  4.    Modularity
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Answer: Option D. -> Modularity

Inversion of control makes the code more extensible resulting in more modular code.

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