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Question 31. Testosterone is converted to ___________ in the prostate.
  1.    Dihydrotestosterone
  2.    Cholestrol
  3.    Estrogen
  4.    Progesterone
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Answer: Option A. -> Dihydrotestosterone
Answer: (a).Dihydrotestosterone
Question 32. An increase in PSA is the indicator of prostatic cancer.
  1.    True
  2.    False
  3.    May be True or False
  4.    Can't say
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Answer: Option A. -> True
Answer: (a).True
Question 33. Which of the following is unpaired gland?
  1.    Bulbourethral glands
  2.    Prostate gland
  3.    Seminal vesicle
  4.    Testis
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Answer: Option B. -> Prostate gland
Answer: (b).Prostate gland
Question 34. Bulbourethral gland is also known as ____________
  1.    Cowper’s gland
  2.    Prostate gland
  3.    Seminal vesicles
  4.    Bartholin’s gland
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Answer: Option A. -> Cowper’s gland
Answer: (a).Cowper’s gland
Question 35. Bulbourethral gland is a _____________
  1.    Endocrine gland
  2.    Exocrine gland
  3.    Hormone
  4.    Heterocrine gland
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Answer: Option B. -> Exocrine gland
Answer: (b).Exocrine gland
Question 36. A non lactating mammary gland in adult female cannot produce milk because of the lack of which of the following?
  1.    Lobules
  2.    Lactiferous sinuses
  3.    Intraovular ducts
  4.    Alveoli
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Answer: Option D. -> Alveoli
Answer: (d).Alveoli
Question 37. Which of the following structures makes up the most of the male urethral length?
  1.    Membranous urethra
  2.    Prostatic urethra
  3.    Ejaculatory duct
  4.    Spongy urethra
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Answer: Option D. -> Spongy urethra
Answer: (d).Spongy urethra
Question 38. ______ adds fluid to sperm.
  1.    Seminal vesicle
  2.    Prostate gland
  3.    Bulbourethral gland
  4.    Ejaculatory duct
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Answer: Option D. -> Ejaculatory duct
Answer: (d).Ejaculatory duct
Question 39. In response to parasympathetic stimulation _______
  1.    Spermiogenesis is encouraged
  2.    Ejaculation occurs
  3.    Blood flow increases to the penis
  4.    Vessels in the penis constrict.
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Answer: Option C. -> Blood flow increases to the penis
Answer: (c).Blood flow increases to the penis
Question 40. The sperms acrosome ___________
  1.    Contains nutrients
  2.    Contains enzymes
  3.    Provide blood-testis barrier
  4.    Beats so that sperm can swim
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Answer: Option B. -> Contains enzymes
Answer: (b).Contains enzymes

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