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Question 1. Which are the main features of XML?
  1.    Text data description
  2.    Human- and computer-friendly format
  3.    Handles data in a tree structure having one-and only one-root element
  4.    All mentioned above
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Answer: Option D. -> All mentioned above

Question 2. The default model for complex type, in XML schemas for element is
  1.    textOnly
  2.    elementOnly
  3.    no default type
  4.    both a & b
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Answer: Option B. -> elementOnly

Question 3. What is a NCName
  1.    A Non-Common Name
  2.    A Non-Conforming Name
  3.    A Non-Colonized Name
  4.    None of the above
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Answer: Option C. -> A Non-Colonized Name

Question 4. The use of a DTD in XML development is:
  1.    required when validating XML documents
  2.    no longer necessary after the XML editor has been customized
  3.    used to direct conversion using an XSLT processor
  4.    a good guide to populating a templates to be filled in when generating an XML document automatically
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Answer: Option A. -> required when validating XML documents

Question 5. Attribute standalone=no should be included in XML declaration if a document:
  1.    is linked to an external XSL stylesheet
  2.    has external general references
  3.    has processing instructions
  4.    has an external DTD
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Answer: Option D. -> has an external DTD

Question 6. The XML format has a simpler set of ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ than HTML.
  1.    loader rule
  2.    parsing rules
  3.    generator rule
  4.    logical rule
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Answer: Option B. -> parsing rules

Question 7. Elements from the HTML namespace are displayed as they would in ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦..
  1.    DHTML
  2.    XML
  3.    HTML
  4.    DXML
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Answer: Option C. -> HTML

Question 8. There is a way of describing XML data, how?
  1.    XML uses a DTD to describe the data
  2.    XML uses XSL to describe data
  3.    XML uses a description node to describe data
  4.    Both A and C
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Answer: Option D. -> Both A and C

Question 9. What are the advantages of DOM Parsing?
  1.    The DOM is a common interface for manipulating document structures
  2.    One of its design goals is that Java code written for one DOM-compliant parser should run on any other DOM-compliant parser without changes
  3.    Both of the above
  4.    None of the above
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Answer: Option C. -> Both of the above

Question 10. The XSl formatting object which formats the data and caption of a table is
  1.    table
  2.    table-content
  3.    table-text
  4.    None of the above
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Answer: Option D. -> None of the above

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