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Question 1. What are the main components of a fuel cell?
  1.    Anode, cathode, electrolyte
  2.    Anode, cathode, membrane and electrolyte (including fuel)
  3.    Anode, cathode
  4.    Anode, cathode, electrolyte and connecting wires
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Answer: Option B. -> Anode, cathode, membrane and electrolyte (including fuel)
Answer: (b).Anode, cathode, membrane and electrolyte (including fuel)
Question 2. Which of the following uses hydrogen as fuel?
  1.    Vehicles
  2.    AA battery
  3.    AAA battery
  4.    Power plants
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Answer: Option A. -> Vehicles
Answer: (a).Vehicles
Question 3. What is hydrogen compressor do to hydrogen?
  1.    Increases both pressure and volume
  2.    Decreases both pressure and volume
  3.    Increases pressure and decreases volume
  4.    Decreases pressure and increases volume
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Answer: Option C. -> Increases pressure and decreases volume
Answer: (c).Increases pressure and decreases volume
Question 4. What is photocatalytic water splitting?
  1.    Splitting of water using catalyst and electricity
  2.    Splitting of water using electricity
  3.    Combining hydrogen and oxygen to form water
  4.    Splitting of water using light as catalyst
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Answer: Option D. -> Splitting of water using light as catalyst
Answer: (d).Splitting of water using light as catalyst
Question 5. Efficiency of water electrolysis is greater than the efficiency of steam reforming.
  1.    True
  2.    False
  3.    May be True or False
  4.    Can't say
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Answer: Option A. -> True
Answer: (a).True
Question 6. In terms of green house gas emissions, how good or bad is hydrogen fuel?
  1.    Major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions
  2.    Zero-emission fuel
  3.    Lowest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions
  4.    Hydrogen cannot be used as fuel
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Answer: Option B. -> Zero-emission fuel
Answer: (b).Zero-emission fuel
Question 7. Which of the following supplies maximum amount of hydrogen gas?
  1.    Natural gas
  2.    Anaerobic Digestion
  3.    Wastewater treatment
  4.    Electrolysis
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Answer: Option A. -> Natural gas
Answer: (a).Natural gas
Question 8. Which of the following is the most popular application of hydrogen fuel cell?
  1.    Fuel cell vehicles
  2.    Fuel cell energy power plants
  3.    Fuel cells stand-alone power supplies
  4.    Fuel cells spacecraft
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Answer: Option D. -> Fuel cells spacecraft
Answer: (d).Fuel cells spacecraft
Question 9. How is hydrogen gas produced from fossil fuels?
  1.    Partial oxidation of methane
  2.    Electrolysis
  3.    Evaporation
  4.    Biomass gasification
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Answer: Option A. -> Partial oxidation of methane
Answer: (a).Partial oxidation of methane
Question 10. Which of the following use hydrogen as fuel?
  1.    Fossil fuels
  2.    Anerobic digestion
  3.    Fuel cells
  4.    Cooking
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Answer: Option C. -> Fuel cells
Answer: (c).Fuel cells

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