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Question 31. Utilizing geothermal resources eliminates _________
  1.    sulphur emissions
  2.    usage of power grid
  3.    mining
  4.    earthquakes
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Answer: Option C. -> mining
Answer: (c).mining
Question 32. Impacts on land, impacts on surrounding environment and gaseous emissions are the three main problems due to geothermal power plants.
  1.    True
  2.    False
  3.    May be True or False
  4.    Can't say
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Answer: Option A. -> True
Answer: (a).True
Question 33. If a geothermal power plant is located near a reservoir, fluid from _______ reservoir is used.
  1.    the same
  2.    another neighbouring
  3.    coal
  4.    another far away
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Answer: Option D. -> another far away
Answer: (d).another far away
Question 34. Which of the following countries mainly use “direct-use” geothermal.
  1.    United States
  2.    Iceland
  3.    Iran
  4.    Greenland
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Answer: Option B. -> Iceland
Answer: (b).Iceland
Question 35. Which of the following is most responsible for increasing usage of geothermal power plants?
  1.    Efficient heat pumps
  2.    More sites
  3.    Less sites
  4.    Poor heat pumps
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Answer: Option A. -> Efficient heat pumps
Answer: (a).Efficient heat pumps
Question 36. Which of the following are geothermal provinces in India?
  1.    Telangana
  2.    Coimbatore
  3.    Manipur
  4.    Godavari
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Answer: Option D. -> Godavari
Answer: (d).Godavari
Question 37. Where is the volcanic arc in India?
  1.    Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  2.    Lakshadweep Islands
  3.    Godavari
  4.    Puga valley
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Answer: Option A. -> Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Answer: (a).Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Question 38. What is the estimated potential for geothermal energy in India?
  1.    1000MW
  2.    1MW
  3.    10000MW
  4.    100MW
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Answer: Option C. -> 10000MW
Answer: (c).10000MW
Question 39. Which of the following is the most promising geothermal locations in India?
  1.    Sohana
  2.    Puga valley
  3.    Gurgaon
  4.    Patna
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Answer: Option B. -> Puga valley
Answer: (b).Puga valley
Question 40. Which of the following organisations deals with geothermal energy locations in India?
  1.    Geological Survey of India
  2.    Geological Society of India
  3.    Forestry Department
  4.    Ministry of external affairs
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Answer: Option A. -> Geological Survey of India
Answer: (a).Geological Survey of India

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