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Question 1. The major cause of environmental degradation is ____
  1.    Bio-magnification
  2.    Nitrogen deposition
  3.    Quorum quenching
  4.    Lyophilization
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Answer: Option B. -> Nitrogen deposition
Answer: (b).Nitrogen deposition
Question 2. Oil spills have been considered as a major threat to world environment, especially ________
  1.    Marine ecosystem
  2.    Terrestrial ecosystem
  3.    Land ecosystem
  4.    Vertebrates
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Answer: Option A. -> Marine ecosystem
Answer: (a).Marine ecosystem
Question 3. Which of the following factors is not responsible for decline or loss of species?
  1.    Land conversion
  2.    Unsustainable harvesting of natural resources
  3.    Introduction of exotic species
  4.    Afforestation
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Answer: Option D. -> Afforestation
Answer: (d).Afforestation
Question 4. Which of the following is has not emerged as an international issue through the advent of environment biotechnology?
  1.    Global warming
  2.    Marine pollution
  3.    Oil spills
  4.    Top soil erosion
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Answer: Option D. -> Top soil erosion
Answer: (d).Top soil erosion
Question 5. Which of the following require attention by national government?
  1.    National issues
  2.    International issues
  3.    Regional issues
  4.    Municipal issues
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Answer: Option A. -> National issues
Answer: (a).National issues
Question 6. Which of the following is not an intervention of environment biotechnology?
  1.    Waste management
  2.    Pollution control
  3.    Antibiotic development
  4.    Manufacturing process
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Answer: Option C. -> Antibiotic development
Answer: (c).Antibiotic development
Question 7. The lower energy requirements leads to _____
  1.    Bio-magnification
  2.    Reduced cost
  3.    Quorum quenching
  4.    Lyophilization
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Answer: Option B. -> Reduced cost
Answer: (b).Reduced cost
Question 8. Majority of the waste produced by commercial industries have better results when treated by _________
  1.    Biological methods
  2.    Chemical methods
  3.    Physical methods
  4.    Physio-chemical methods
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Answer: Option A. -> Biological methods
Answer: (a).Biological methods
Question 9. Which of the following require lower temperature and pressure?
  1.    Biological method
  2.    Physical method
  3.    Physio-chemical method
  4.    Chemical method
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Answer: Option A. -> Biological method
Answer: (a).Biological method
Question 10. What does biological method of waste treatment include?
  1.    Inorganic compounds
  2.    Isolated bio-components
  3.    Toxic compounds
  4.    Ethidium bromide
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Answer: Option B. -> Isolated bio-components
Answer: (b).Isolated bio-components

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