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Question 1. When an element of very low ionization potential reacts with an element of very high electron affinity
  1.    a metallic bond is formed
  2.    a covalent bond is formed
  3.    an electrovalent bond is formed
  4.    no bond is formed
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Answer: Option C. -> an electrovalent bond is formed
Question 2. The bonds present in CuSO4
  1.    electrovalent and coordinate
  2.    covalent and coordinate
  3.    electrovalent and covalent
  4.    electrovalent, covalent and coordinate
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Answer: Option D. -> electrovalent, covalent and coordinate
Question 3. Elements with electronegativities 1
  1.    electrovalent bond
  2.    covalent bond
  3.    coordinate bond
  4.    metallic bond
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Answer: Option A. -> electrovalent bond
Question 4. Out of the following, which compound will have electrovalent bonding?
  1.    Ammonia
  2.    Water
  3.    Calcium Chloride
  4.    Chloromethane
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Answer: Option C. -> Calcium Chloride
Question 5. Electrovalent compound's
  1.    Melting points are low
  2.    Boiling points are low
  3.    Conduct current in fused state
  4.    Insoluble in polar solvent
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Answer: Option C. -> Conduct current in fused state
Question 6. A electrovalent compound is made up of
  1.    Electrically charged molecules
  2.    Neutral molecules
  3.    Neutral atoms
  4.    Electrically charged atoms or group of atoms
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Answer: Option D. -> Electrically charged atoms or group of atoms
Question 7. Electrovalent bond formation depends on
  1.    Ionization energy
  2.    Electron affinity
  3.    Lattice energy
  4.    All the three above
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Answer: Option D. -> All the three above
Question 8. Electrovalent compounds are
  1.    insoluble in polar solvents
  2.    low melting
  3.    conductors in the fused state
  4.    none of the above
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Answer: Option C. -> conductors in the fused state
Question 9. Which type of compounds show high melting and boiling points
  1.    Electrovalent compounds
  2.    Covalent compounds
  3.    Coordinate compounds
  4.    All the three types of compounds have equal melting and boiling points
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Answer: Option A. -> Electrovalent compounds
Question 10. Electrovalent compounds do not have
  1.    High M.P. and Low B.P.
  2.    High dielectric constant
  3.    High M.P. and High B.P.
  4.    High polarity
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Answer: Option A. -> High M.P. and Low B.P.

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