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Question 1. How many clustering index we can have for a single table?
  1.    15
  2.    10
  3.    1
  4.    No Limit
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Answer: Option C. -> 1

Question 2. The final result of a DB2 BIND is
  1.    Load module
  2.    DB2 catalog
  3.    Data base request module
  4.    DB2 (application) Plan
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Answer: Option D. -> DB2 (application) Plan

Question 3. An INSERT statement:
  1.    May contain a subquery
  2.    Must contain a VALUES list
  3.    Must contain a column list
  4.    May create multiple table rows
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Answer: Option A. -> May contain a subquery

Question 4. AUTOMATIC RECOMPILATION occurs when
  1.    A existing index is dropped
  2.    A new index is created
  3.    Both A and B
  4.    None of the above
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Answer: Option B. -> A new index is created

Question 5. Which of the following allow you to perform administrative tasks against database objects?
  1.    Control Center
  2.    Journal
  3.    Task Center
  4.    Health Center
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Answer: Option A. -> Control Center

Question 6. Which of the following DB2 objects allows multiple users to access data in a table with each only being able to access certain portions of the data?
  2.    Aliases
  3.    Indexes
  4.    Mirrored tables
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Answer: Option A. -> Views

Question 7. How can the locks be classified?
  1.    Size
  2.    Duration
  3.    Mode
  4.    All of these
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Answer: Option D. -> All of these

Question 8. Which of the following DB2 tools allows a user to set DB2 registry parameters?
  1.    Task Center
  2.    Visual Explain
  3.    Configuration Assistant
  4.    Satellite Administration Center
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Answer: Option C. -> Configuration Assistant

Question 9. In DB2, DATA is physically stored in
  1.    VSAM ESDS
  2.    VSAM KSDS
  3.    VSAM LDS
  4.    TABLES
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Answer: Option C. -> VSAM LDS

Question 10. SQL was first developed:
  1.    In the 1970s
  2.    In 1982
  3.    By IBM
  4.    By ANSI
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Answer: Option A. -> In the 1970s

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