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Question 1. Input data from the test must __________ the program state by causing different program states for the mutant and the original program.
  1.    Reach
  2.    Infect
  3.    Kill
  4.    Destroy
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Answer: Option B. -> Infect

Infecting is the same as executing the mutant code by such test data that different states are produced.

Question 2. Mutation testing is a form of ______________
  1.    Black Box Testing
  2.    Redundancy
  3.    White Box Testing
  4.    Loss Testing
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Answer: Option C. -> White Box Testing

In mutation testing, the internals of the code need to be known.

Question 3. For the statement if( a || b) , which is not a mutant?
  1.    if(a && b)
  2.    if(a & b)
  3.    if( a | b)
  4.    if( a || b)
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Answer: Option D. -> if( a || b)

The other three statements alter the original by changing the logical operator, hence introducing mutants.

Question 4. _______________ is a document that contains the steps that has to be executed.
  1.    Test Scenarios
  2.    Test Cases
  3.    Test Script
  4.    Latent defect
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Answer: Option B. -> Test Cases

Test cases are used to test the modularity in the code.

Question 5. ____________ is the process of checking whether the software meets the customer requirements as well as evaluating it after the development process.
  1.    Validation
  2.    Verification
  3.    Design Check
  4.    Design Evaluation
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Answer: Option A. -> Validation

Validation is a way of checking "are we building the right product?.

Question 6. __________________ involves running a product through a series of specific tests which determine whether the product meets the needs of its users.
  1.    User Acceptance Testing
  2.    Unit Testing
  3.    Loss Testing
  4.    System Testing
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Answer: Option A. -> User Acceptance Testing

UAT or User Acceptance Testing is done with the users in mind and hence, determine whether the product meets the needs of its users.

Question 7. ________________ criterion requires that inside each decision, all combinations of conditions are tested.
  1.    Redundant Condition/decision coverage
  2.    Multiple condition coverage
  3.    Modified Condition/decision coverage
  4.    Lossless Condition/decision coverage
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Answer: Option B. -> Multiple condition coverage

Multiple condition coverage checks for every condition possible and each decision is tested.

Question 8. STLC stands for ______________
  1.    Software Test Locale Code
  2.    Software Transfer Limited Code
  3.    Software Total Licence Control
  4.    Software Test Life Cycle
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Answer: Option D. -> Software Test Life Cycle

The STLC or software test life cycle is the total life cycle of the testing phase of development.

Question 9. PVC stands for _____________
  1.    Parameter Value Condition
  2.    Parameterised Values Check
  3.    Parameter Value Coverage
  4.    Path Value Check
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Answer: Option C. -> Parameter Value Coverage

PVC is also known as parameter value coverage which tests code coverage for a parameter.

Question 10. COTS means ___________
  1.    Cover Over The Source
  2.    Come Over The Standard
  3.    Commercial off The Shelf
  4.    Connecting Online Test Service
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Answer: Option C. -> Commercial off The Shelf

Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software and services are built and delivered usually from a third party vendor.

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