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Question 1. A set of guidelines for maintaining ethics in the workplace
  1.    Code of Ethics
  2.    Code of Conduct
  3.    Integrity
  4.    Code of Honor
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Answer: Option A. -> Code of Ethics
Question 2. What is Ethics to do with?
  1.    Business
  2.    The wider community
  3.    Right and wrong
  4.    Nothing
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Answer: Option C. -> Right and wrong
Question 3. Which of the following terms is defined as “conduct based on or authorized by law which is established by society to maintain order and protect people and property from harm?”
  1.    Moral behavior
  2.    Legal behavior
  3.    Ethical behavior
  4.    Mannerly behavior
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Answer: Option B. -> Legal behavior
Question 4. Business works in isolation
  1.    Yes
  2.    No
  3.    Can’t say
  4.    None of these
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Answer: Option B. -> No
Question 5. An example of an internal environmental factor is
  1.    Legal issues eg consumer law
  2.    Suppliers
  3.    Employees
  4.    Competitors
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Answer: Option C. -> Employees
Question 6.
  1.    uncertainty   
  2.    employees 
  3.    relativity 
  4.    complexity
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Answer: Option B. -> employees 
Question 7. Approval body for plans in India
  1.    National Development Council
  2.    Planning Commission
  3.    Prime Minister
  4.    President of India
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Answer: Option A. -> National Development Council
Question 8. The theory of survival of fittest is formulated by
  1.    Charles Darwin
  2.    Richard Dawkin
  3.    Abraham Maslow
  4.    Henry Fayol
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Answer: Option A. -> Charles Darwin
Question 9. NITI Aayog’s core concept is
  1.    Completion among states
  2.    Cooperative federalism
  3.    Federal union
  4.    States’ autonomy
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Answer: Option B. -> Cooperative federalism
Question 10. Regional imbalances in India are largely due to
  1.    Concentration of raw material sources
  2.    Lack of education and knowledge at local level
  3.    Lack of local entrepreneurship
  4.    All of these
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Answer: Option D. -> All of these

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