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Question 51. Microorganisms growing on a particular substrate can oxidize a second substrate called as __________
  1.    co substrate
  2.    sugar substrate
  3.    potassium substrate
  4.    calcium substrate
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Answer: Option A. -> co substrate
Answer: (a).co substrate
Question 52. Cometabolism can be used to convert a substance to a chemically modified form.
  1.    True
  2.    False
  3.    May be True or False
  4.    Can't say
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Answer: Option A. -> True
Answer: (a).True
Question 53. The pre-requisites for co-metabolic transformation are the enzymes and _____________
  1.    coal
  2.    oil
  3.    natural gas
  4.    co-factors
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Answer: Option D. -> co-factors
Answer: (d).co-factors
Question 54. Which of the following substrate is not used by methanotrophic bacteria to oxidize methane?
  1.    Methanol
  2.    Formaldehyde
  3.    Methane
  4.    Carbon dioxide
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Answer: Option D. -> Carbon dioxide
Answer: (d).Carbon dioxide

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