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Question 1. What does GPIO stand for?
  1.    General Purpose Inner Outer Propeller
  2.    General Purpose Input Output Pins
  3.    General Purpose Interested Old People
  4.    General Purpose Input Output Processor
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Answer: Option B. -> General Purpose Input Output Pins

Question 2. What license is Arduino distributed under?
  1.    Proprietary with GNU GPL Ambient user interface
  2.    Proprietary
  3.    Shareware
  4.    LGPL or GPL license
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Answer: Option B. -> Proprietary

Question 3. ___________ are pre built circuit boards that fit on top of Android.
  1.    Sensor
  2.    Data types
  3.    Breadboard
  4.    Sheilds
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Answer: Option D. -> Sheilds

Question 4. Which board is first to use microcontroller with in build USB?
  1.    LilyPad
  2.    UNO
  3.    RedBoard
  4.    Leonardo
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Answer: Option D. -> Leonardo

Question 5. What does IDE stand for?
  1.    In Deep Environment
  2.    Integrated Development Environment
  3.    Internal Deep Escape
  4.    IDE
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Answer: Option B. -> Integrated Development Environment

Question 6. A program written with the IDE for Arduino is called _________
  1.    IDE source
  2.    Sketch
  3.    Cryptography
  4.    Source code
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Answer: Option B. -> Sketch

Question 7. A function is a series of programming statements that can be called by name. Which command is called once when the program starts:
  1.    loop()
  2.    setup()
  3.    (output)
  4.    (input)
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Answer: Option B. -> setup()

Question 8. It starts with a /* and continues until a */ What does this do?
  1.    Loads a sketch
  2.    Makes comments
  3.    Compiles quicker
  4.    Makes stars appear
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Answer: Option B. -> Makes comments

Question 9. _________ board allows sewn into clothing.
  1.    UNO
  2.    RedBoard
  3.    LilyPad
  4.    Mega
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Answer: Option C. -> LilyPad

Question 10. What is wrong with the following/*Turns on an LED on for one second, then off for one second, repeatedly. This example code is in the public domain.*/int led = 13;void setup() { pinMode(led, INPUT); }void loop() { digitalWrite(led, HIGH); delay(1000);digitalWrite(led, LOW); delay(1000);}
  1.    All the code
  2.    Void
  3.    High and Low
  4.    Low and High
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Answer: Option B. -> Void

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