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Question 11. What ecosystems does it affect the most?
  1.    Tundras
  2.    Beaches
  3.    Deserts
  4.    Forests
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Answer: Option D. -> Forests
Question 12. What does Acid Rain do?
  1.    It turns you into the Joker
  2.    It burns your face off
  3.    It deteriorates the ecosystem and buildings
  4.    It... idek
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Answer: Option C. -> It deteriorates the ecosystem and buildings
Question 13. How can you prevent Acid Rain?
  1.    Sit around and watch
  2.    Keep my lights on all day
  3.    Carpool
  4.    Filter your water
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Answer: Option C. -> Carpool
Question 14. What is our main solution?
  1.    Put a filter in the sky
  2.    Put a tax on fuels and fossil fuels
  3.    reduce plastic use
  4.    shut down all factories
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Answer: Option B. -> Put a tax on fuels and fossil fuels
Question 15. What is the PH level of acid rain?
  1.    Between 5.0 - 5.5
  2.    3.0 - 3.5
  3.    4.0
  4.    2.0
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Answer: Option C. -> 4.0
Question 16. How does acid rain affect trees?
  1.    deteriorates trunk
  2.    dissolves nutrience
  3.    makes animals want to eat them
  4.    makes them turn purple
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Answer: Option B. -> dissolves nutrience
Question 17. What does the drawing on the 2nd slide say
  1.    stop the rain
  2.    save the earth
  3.    we love our planet
  4.    help save our planet
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Answer: Option B. -> save the earth
Question 18. Which one of these is NOT a direct result of acid rain?
  1.    damage to monuments
  2.    dying fish
  3.    spread of disease
  4.    weakened trees
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Answer: Option C. -> spread of disease
Question 19. What does ocean acidification remove?
  1.    oxygen
  2.    carbohydrates
  3.    calcium carbonate
  4.    nitrogen
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Answer: Option C. -> calcium carbonate
Question 20. Which of these is an impact of acid rain?
  1.    dissolves nutrients in the soil
  2.    raises oxygen levels
  3.    gives off chemicals
  4.    reduces the amount of coal used
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Answer: Option A. -> dissolves nutrients in the soil

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