Exam : SAIL JO E-0
Test Name : Review Test
Chapters : (RDIC)

Total Questions : 100

Review Test

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Questions Preview :

Ques 1. If in a row A is 10th from left and B is 13th from right and there are four persons in between Aand B, then find the total no. of boys ?
Ques 2. If it was Friday on 10 March, 1996, what was the day of the week on 10 March 1997 ?
Ques 3. If C = 3 and POLISH = 79, then POINTER = ?
Ques 4. Find the day of the week on 26 th January 1950 ?
Ques 5. _  ab _ b _ bc _ ca _
Ques 6. Anuj moves 40 m North, then he turns right and moves 50 m. Again, he turns right and moves30 m. Finally, he turns right and reaches 50 m. How far is he from the starting point ?
Ques 7. Annu is daughter of my mother’s brother Abhay. Soni is granddaughter of
my mother. Soni should call Annu as
Ques 8. The table given shows production of five types of cars by company in
the year 1999 to 2004. Study the table and answer the questions.The Table Given Shows Production Of Five Types Of Cars By Co...The per cent increased in total production of all types of cars in 2002 to that in 2001 was ?
Ques 9. What will be angle between the two hands of a clock when the clock time is 4 : 20 ?
Ques 10. Study the following information carefully and answerthe question given below :Six friend sitting in circle. A is facing B. B is to the right of E, and left of C. Cis to the left of D. F is to the right of A. Now, D exchanges his seat with Fand E with B.
Who will be sitting to the left of C ?


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