Exam : SAIL JO E-0
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Chapters : (ICA Combined 1)

Total Questions : 50

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  1. Reasoning & DI
  2. ICA
  3. GFM
  4. GPOE / GPA
  5. Bhilai Steel Plant
  6. Durgapur Steel Plant
  7. Rourkela Steel Plant
  8. Bokaro Steel Plant
  9. ISP
  10. CMO

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Questions Preview :

Ques 1. When was the formation of SAIL approved by the Government ?
Ques 2. Where are Entire phenolic water generated from CO & BPP sent ?
Ques 3. Ministry has successfully implemented certain mechanisms such as ______  to facilitate improvement in energy efficiency.
Ques 4. By which should all information regarding empty and unloaded wagon tobe analyzed and decision for removal with the help of informationgenerated ?
Ques 5. Full form of CFP ?
Ques 6. Success of smooth production basically depends on their movements such as
Ques 7. At ICA, Full form of  TRM__________.
Ques 8. How many total generating capacity of Power comprising 7 units of 60 MWeach, 3 in Bo karo and 2 each at Rourkela & Durgapur raising captive powercapacity to 695 MW?
Ques 9. How many tons of coal does every tonne of saleable steel require ?
Ques 10. What have been provided for controlling gas leakages from batteries ?


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