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Question: Which among the following is a polycarpic plant?
Answer: Option B
: B

Polycarpic plants have a long life span, extending for 200 to 300 years in case of pear and apple trees, and it flowers many times in its lifetime. Whereas monocarpic plants flower and produce fruit only once in their lifetime and examples are rice, wheat and bamboo.

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Question 1. Which of the following statement is correct.

Statement I: Asexual reproduction involves fusion of gametes.

Statement II: Asexually produced offspring are genetically identical.

Statement III: Asexual reproduction occurs in unfavorable condition only.
  1.    Statement I and II both are correct.
  2.    Only statement III is correct.
  3.    Only statement II is correct.
  4.    Only statement I is correct.
Answer: Option C
: C

In asexual reproduction, fusion of gametes do not takes place and asexual reproduction occurs in favourable conditions. As fusion of gametes do not takes place, all the individuals are genetically identical to each other.
Question 2. Match the following

OrganismLife Spani. Butterflya. 2500 yearsii. Crowb. 140 yearsiii.Tortoisesc. 15 yearsiv.Banyan treed. 12 weeks
  1.    i - a, ii - b, iii - c, iv - d
  2.    i - b, ii - c, iii - d, iv - a
  3.    i - d, ii - c, iii - a, iv - b
  4.    i - d, ii - c, iii - b, iv - a
Answer: Option D
: D

The lifespan of a butterfly is only 1-2 weeks, a crow around 15 years, tortoise 140 years and for a banyan tree up to 2500 years.
Question 3. The development of organisms from female gametes without fertilisation is called
  1.    Parthenocarpy
  2.    Parthenogenesis
  3.    Polyembryony
  4.    Polygamy
Answer: Option B
: B

In some organisms like rotifers, honey bees and even some lizards and birds (turkey), the female gamete undergoes development to form new organisms, male and/or female, without fertilisation. This phenomenon is called parthenogenesis.
Polyembryony is the formation of more than one embryo from a single fertilized ovum.
Parthenocarpy involvesformation of fruit without seed production.
Polygamy is
a pattern of mating in which an animal has more than one mate.
Question 4. In most of the aquatic organisms, syngamy occurs in water outside the body of the organisms. This type of gametic fusion is called
  1.    External fertilisation
  2.    Internal fertilisation
  3.    Self-fertilisation
  4.    Cross fertilization
Answer: Option A
: A

In aquatic organisms fertilization occurs outside the body of the female. The male and female release their gametes into water and they are brought together by water current. Such a syngamy is called external fertilisation.

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