Question: What is the relationship between the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection?
A.Angle of incidence > Angle of reflection.
B.Angle of incidence < Angle of reflection.
C.Angle of incidence = Angle of reflection.
D.There is no relationship between angle of incidence and angle of reflection.
Answer: Option C
: C

According to the laws of reflection,
The angle of incidence is equal to theangle of reflection.
Angle of incidence = Angle of reflection

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Question 1. If two plane mirrors are kept inclined to each other at an angle of 60 degrees, the number of images of the object formed is:
  1.    4
  2.    5
  3.    6
  4.    7
Answer: Option B
: B

Whenever two plane mirrors are kept inclined to each other, multiple reflections takes place and multiple images are formed. If the angle of inclination between two plane mirrors is 'x' degrees, the number of images formed, 'n' is given by, n=360x1
In this case, x = 60 degrees.
n=5 Thus, the number images formed is 5.
Question 2. Laws of reflection are not valid in the case of irregular reflection.
  1.    True
  2.    False
  3.    50∘
  4.     60∘
Answer: Option B
: B

Laws of reflection are valid for all kinds of reflection, be it regular or irregular. In case of irregular reflection of parallel rays, the reflected rays are not parallel. If we consider the individual rays, we see that the laws of reflection apply to each of them.
Question 3.

A ray OA is incident upon a smooth surface POQ. It is reflected back along OB, a normal ON is drawn perpendicular to the surface at O (the point of incidence) and the value of AOP is 
60. Find the value of x.
  1.    30∘
  2.    40∘
  3.    50∘
  4.     60∘
Answer: Option A
: A

AOP+AON=90 (as ON is perpendicular to POQ)
Given, AOP=60

By Laws of reflection,
Thus, x=30
Question 4. In a human eye, image is formed at the ______.
  1.    cornea
  2.    retina
  3.    vitreous humour
  4.    lens
Answer: Option B
: B

In human eye, image is formed at the retina, a sensitive layer present inside the eye.
Question 5. Which of the following is true about the incident ray, the reflected ray and the normal?
  1.    They lie in the planes that are perpendicular to each other.
  2.    They lie in the planes that are parallel to each other.
  3.    They all lie in the same plane.
  4.    They lie in the planes that are at an angle of 60∘ with each other.
Answer: Option C
: C

From the laws of reflection, we know that the incidentray, the reflected ray and the normal all lie in the same plane.
Question 6. A blind person can never read and write.
  1.    True
  2.    False
  3.    It is caused by the decrease in the size of an eyeball
  4.    A person suffering from it finds difficult to read books
Answer: Option B
: B

Blind persons can read and write byusingthe Braille script.Braille was developed to help visually challenged people read by moving their fingers on impressions made on paper. In Braille, there are definite impressions for all letters which a blind person can feel through his fingertips and recognize .

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