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Question: The value of steric factor 'P' in the equation k = PZeE/RT usually ranges from
A.L.0 to 10⁻⁸ 10²
C.0.1 to 0.9
D.None of these
Answer: Option A

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Question 1. An exothermic reaction takes place in an adiabatic reactor. The product temperature __________ reactor feed temperature.
  1.    Is always equal to
  2.    Is always greater than
  3.    Is always less than
  4.    May be greater or less than
Answer: Option B
Question 2. Bulk diffusion in catalyst pore __________ with increase in pressure.
  1.    Increases
  2.    Decreases
  3.    Remains unchanged
  4.    Increases exponentially
Answer: Option B
Question 3. B.E.T. method can be used to determine the __________ of a porous catalyst.
  1.    Solid density
  2.    Pore volume
  3.    Surface area
  4.    All of the above
Answer: Option C
Question 4. Helium-mercury method can be used to determine the __________ of the catalyst particle.
  1.    Pore volume
  2.    Solid density
  3.    Porosity
  4.    All of the above
Answer: Option D
Question 5. Pick the WRONG design guideline for a reactor in which the reactions, A → R (desired) and A → S (undesired) are to take place. The ratio of the reaction rates is rR/rS = (k₁/k₂).Csub>Aa-b
  1.    Use high pressure and eliminate inerts, when a > b
  2.    Avoid recycle, when a > b
  3.    Use batch reactor or plug flow reactor, when a > b
  4.    Use CSTR with a high conversion, when a > b
Answer: Option B
Question 6. In an ideal P.F.R. at steady state conditions
  1.    The composition of reactants remains constant along a flow path
  2.    The conversion of the reactant varies from point to point along a flow path
  3.    There is no lateral mixing of fluid
  4.    There may be diffusion along the flow path
Answer: Option B

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