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Question 1. How does PhantonJS use YSlow?
  1.    Queries
  2.    Statements
  3.    Command Line Prompt
  4.    Command Line Script
Answer: Option D

Question 2. What are the two output formats YSlow uses?
  1.    TAP, JUnit
  2.    JIT, TRD
  3.    JKP, RFD
  4.    None of the mentioned
Answer: Option A

Question 3. Initially, YSlow was an extension of which browser?
  1.    Chrome
  2.    Firefox
  3.    IE
  4.    Opera
Answer: Option B

Question 4. Which of the following action is possible in Firebug when used as a JavaScript Debugger and Profiler?
  1.    Pause execution in any line
  2.    Find Scripts easily
  3.    Find Scripts easily & also Pause execution in any line
  4.    None of the mentioned
Answer: Option C

Question 5. Which of the following property(s) has a default value as false?
  1.    disableWhenFirebugActive
  2.    showIconWhenHidden
  3.    disableXHRListener
  4.    Both disableWhenFirebugActive & showIconWhenHidden
Answer: Option C

Question 6. What is the default value of the property overrideConsole
  1.    1
  2.    true
  3.    0
  4.    false
Answer: Option B