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Question: S1: Politeness is not a quality possessed by only one nation or race.
P : One may observe that a man of one nation will remove his hat or fold his hands by way of greetings when he meets someone he knows.
Q : A man of another country will not to do so.
R : It is a quality to be found among all peoples and nations in every corner of the earth.
S : Obviously, each person follows the custom of his particular country.
S6: In any case, we should not mock at others habits.
The Proper sequence should be:
Answer: Option B

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Question 1. S1: Throughout history man has used energy from the sun.
P : Today, when we burn wood or use electric current we are drawing an energy.
Q : However we now have a new supply of energy.
R : All our ordinary life depends on sun.
S : This has come from the sun.
S6: This energy comes from inside atoms.
The Proper sequence should be:
  1.    SQPR
  2.    RQPS
  3.    QSRP
  4.    PSRQ
Answer: Option D
Question 2. S1: This weather-vane often tops a church spire, tower or high building.
P : They are only wind-vanes.
Q : Neither alone can tell us what the weather will be.
R : They are designed to point to direction from which the wind is coming.
S : Just as the barometer only tells us the pressure of air, the weather-vane tells us the direction of wind.
S6: The weather-vane can, however give us some indication of other.
The Proper sequence should be:
  1.    PQRS
  2.    PSRQ
  3.    PRSQ
  4.    SPQR
Answer: Option D
Question 3. S1: But how does a new word get into the dictionary?
P : When a new dictionary is being edited, a lexicographer collects all the alphabetically arranged citation slips for a particular word.
Q : The dictionary makers notice it and make a note of it on a citation slip.
R : The moment new word is coined, it usually enter the spoken language.
S : The word then passes from the realm of hearing to the realm of writing.
S6: He sorts them according to their grammatical function, and carefully writes a definition.
The Proper sequence should be:
  1.    PQRS
  2.    PRSQ
  3.    RQPS
  4.    RSQP
Answer: Option C
Question 4. S1: The December dance and music season in Madras is like the annual tropical cyclone.
P : A few among the new aspirants dazzle witht he colour of youth, like fresh saplings.
Q : It rains an abundance of music for over a fortnight.
R : Thick clouds expectation charge the atmosphere with voluminous advertisements.
S : At the end of it one is left with the feeling that the music of only those artists seasoned by careful nurturing, stands tall like well-routed trees.
S6: Many a hastily planed shrub gets washed away in the storm.
The Proper sequence should be:
  1.    RQPS
  2.    QRPS
  3.    RQSP
  4.    QRSP
Answer: Option B
Question 5. S1: There is a touching story of Professor Hardy visiting Ramanujan as he lay desperately ill in hospital at Putney.
P : 'No Hardy, that is not a dull number in the very least.
Q : Hardy, who was a very shy man, could not find the words for his distress.
R : It was 1729.
S : The best he could do, as he got to the beside was "I say Ramanujan, I thought the number of taxi I came down in was a very dull number".
S6: It is the lowest number that can be expressed in two different ways as the sum of two cubes.
The Proper sequence should be:
  1.    RPQS
  2.    RPSQ
  3.    PRQS
  4.    QPRS
Answer: Option B
Question 6. S1: We speak today of self-determination in politics.
P : So long as one is conscious of a restraint, it is possible to resist it or to near it as a necessary evil and to keep free in spirit.
Q : Slavery begins when one ceases to feel that restraint and it depends on if the evil is accepted as good.
R : There is, however, a subtler domination exercised in the sphere of ideas by one culture to another.
S : Political subjection primarily means restraint on the outer life of people.
S6: Cultural subjection is ordinarily of an unconscious character and it implies slavery from the very start.
The Proper sequence should be:
  1.    SPRQ
  2.    RSQP
  3.    SPQR
  4.    RSPQ
Answer: Option C

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