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Ramya wanted to arrange 90 sweets (of dimensions 1×1) in a box. She has 5 boxes of dimensions 10×9, 9×10, 5×18, 16×5 and 18×5. Among these boxes, in which box can she NOT arrange all the sweets?

A .  10×9
B .  16×5
C .  18×5
D .  5×18
Answer: Option B
The area occupied byone sweet will be1×1=1 sq units and she has to arrange 90 sweetsin the box.

Minimum space needed by Ramya to arrange all the sweets is 90 sq units.
Except for 16×5 the size of all the boxes is 90 sq units.
16×5=80 sq units so she cannot arrange all the sweetsin this box.

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