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Question: One thousand microns is equal to
Answer: Option A

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Question 1. Sound travels at the fastest speed in
  1.    steel
  2.    water
  3.    air
  4.    vacuum
Answer: Option A
Question 2. Superconductors are substances which
  1.    conduct electricity at low temperature
  2.    offer high resistance to the flow of current
  3.    offer no resistance to the flow of electricity
  4.    conduct electricity at high temperatures
Answer: Option C
Question 3. Oil raise up the wick in a lamp. The principle involves
  1.    the diffusion of oil through the wick
  2.    the liquid state of oil
  3.    capillary action phenomenon
  4.    volatility of oil
Answer: Option C
Question 4. Sound travels with a different speed in media. In what order does the velocity of sound increase in these media?
  1.    Water, iron and air
  2.    Iron, air and water
  3.    Air, water and iron
  4.    Iron, water and air
Answer: Option C
Question 5. Of the following natural phenomena, tell which one known in Sanskrit as 'deer's thirst'?
  1.    Rainbow
  2.    Earthshine
  3.    Halo
  4.    Mirage
Answer: Option D
Question 6. Inside an aeroplane, flying at a high altitude,
  1.    the pressure is the same as that outside.
  2.    normal atmospheric pressure is maintained by the use of air pumps.
  3.    the pressure inside is less than the pressure outside.
  4.    normal humidity and partial vacuum are maintained.
Answer: Option B

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